5 Best VPNs With a Free Trial in 2019

With so many VPNs on offer, it's understandable that you would feel uncertain. VPN free trials let you test a service out to make sure it's going to work how you expect. In this guide, we take a look at the best free trial VPNs on offer.

The best VPN with free trials: Summary

Here's our list of recommended best VPN free trials. For more information on any of the providers, scroll down:

  1. PrivateVPN - 7-day free trial with no strings attached
  2. CyberGhost - 1-day free trial with no strings attached
  3. VyprVPN - 3-day free trial, but card details required
  4. AirVPN - No strings 3-day free trial on request
  5. CactusVPN - Easy-peasy no-strings 3-day free trial

With a free trial VPN you get to try something without having to worry about wasting money. Many VPNs offer free trials that allow you to get a feel for how the service will work. However, a lot of premium VPN options also offer a Money Back Guarantee which, if leveraged properly, can give you an unrestricted taste of the service without spending a penny!

A VPN free trial is useful because we all want a VPN for different reasons, such as staying private online or bypassing geo-blocked services such as Netflix and Amazon Video.

Top 5 VPNs with free trials

1. PrivateVPN

7-day free trial with no strings attached

Platforms: WINDOWS | MACOS | IOS | ANDROID | LINUX (OpenVPN script)

The undoubted king of free trials is Swedish no logs VPN provider PrivateVPN. It offers a 7-day free trial with no commitment needed. All that is required is a valid email address (which can be a disposable one), and off you go! And as if that wasn’t enough, PrivateVPN offers an additional 30-day money back guarantee. 

The free trial is available via the website when you first sign-up for the service, with mobile users being sent to the website for sign-up. This means the trial is available to everyone, no matter which device they use. 

Free trial users gain full access to all Private VPN’s features and its servers in 56 countries. They can connect up to 6 devices at once, torrent to their heart’s content, or watch Netflix localized to 15 regions worldwide (not just the US). 

PrivateVPN offers excellent 24/7 live chat support, which is fully available for free trial users. 

2. CyberGhost

1-day free trial with no strings attached


This highly-rated and fully featured Romanian VPN service offers potential customers a 24-hour no-strings free trial via its Windows, macOS or Android apps.  The only thing required is a valid email address, although a disposable email address is fine for this.

iOS users can instead enjoy a 7-day free trial but must cancel via the App Store before this time is out or will be atomically changed for a 1-year subscription. Because there is no Linux app to implement the free trial, Linux users must sign-up for it on another device. 

During the trial period, users have full access to all CyberGhost’s servers and all of its features. And if you still need more time to trial the service before fully committing, CyberGhost offers a very generous 45-day money back guarantee on top of the free trial. 

As we have already mentioned, CyberGhost offers a very fully-featured service. In runs servers in 55 countries around the world, allows a very generous 7 devices to connect at once (even when using the free trial account), keeps no logs that can comprise users’ privacy, and unblocks BBC iPlayer and US Netflix flawlessly. 

3. VyprVPN

3-day free trial, but card details required


Although VyprVPN offers a longer free trial than CyberGhost, you must provide payment details in to take advantage of it. After the free trial period is over you will be auto-changed for your chosen plan unless you cancel before the trial expires. 

To take advantage of the free trial, which is available for all platforms, you must sign-up for a plan. You can choose to pay monthly or yearly for a regular or Premium plan, and gain access to the features normally available on that plan during the trial period. 

VyprVPN Premium users can connect up to 5 devices at once and have access to the Chameleon Protocol and VyprVPN Cloud features, while regular VyprVPN users don’t have access to these features and can only connect 3 devices at once. 

So if you want to try out all the features VyprVPN has to offer then you should sign-up for the Premium Plan. You can always cancel before the trial is over and then purchase a regular plan, instead, if you decide the extra features are not worth the added cost. 

VyprVPN is notable for being one of the rare VPN services to own and control its entire network infrastructure, which is great for both speed performance and privacy. Indeed, the company’s recent move to a fully audited 100% no logs model means it’s a great option for privacy-heads. 

4. AirVPN

No strings 3-day free trial on request


This Italian provider with a strong privacy focus is often viewed as providing a techie VPN service for techies by techies. While there is some truth in this, we don’t actually think it is any harder to use than any other VPN service, while offering lots of bells and whistles not available elsewhere. 

A three day no strings free trial is therefore a great opportunity to find out if AirVPN works for you. To obtain a free trial you must request it via the website’s Contact Form. You may have to wait a few hours for an email confirmation (especially if posting outside Italian office hours), but once you have it then you can access all features of the service during the trial period.

If you can’t be bothered to submit a request and /or are impatient to try out AirVPN, you can instead simply purchase an instant access three day trial for 2 euros (approx. $2.25USD) using the website’s automated payment system.

 AirVPN has been winner of our annual Privacy Award for two years running due its position as the clear market leader when it comes to privacy technology. This includes use of very strong encryption, VPN obfuscation using SSH and SSL tunneling, and anonymous VPN use via VPN through Tor. AirVPN is also one of a very few providers to offer a fully-featured GUI Linux client.

5. CactusVPN

Easy-peasy no-strings 3-day free trial


There really isn’t much to say about this Moldovan VPN provider’s free 3-day trial. In a good way. Just sign up with a valid email address (a disposable one is fine) to get unlimited free access to the service for the specified time.

 You just can’t get much simpler than that. There is also a 30-day money back guarantee if you need more time to think about things. 

CactusVPN uses strong OpenVPN encryption and performs the core functions of a VPN service with aplomb. This includes effective DNS and WebRTC leak protection, a kill switch (Windows only), dedicated P2P servers, 24/7 live chat support, and decent speed performance.

We particularly like that a smart DNS service is thrown in for free on all accounts, but are a little worried by some aspects of the privacy policy which appear to undermine CactusVPN’s no logs claim. 

Why are free trial VPNs useful?

A VPN free trial is a fantastic way to see if the VPN you want to use is blacklisted when using a particular service. No one wants to have to input their card details just to make sure the restricted service of their choice can actually be unblocked by the VPN.

Free trials are pretty vital nowadays because VPN services are quickly being blocked out by media services. Nobody ever considered the extent to which Netflix would go just to block VPN services. Under pressure from copyright holders, expect similar services to adopt a similar approach if they haven’t already.

If you're looking for a VPN that works with Netflix, save yourself sometime and take a look at our Netflix VPNs list.

If the service you're considering doesn't offer a free trial, or if it comes with heavy restrictions, consider taking advantage of their money back guarantee (if one is offered).

VPN Free trials vs VPN moneyback guarantees

A proper free trial VPN will allow you to use the VPN for free for anything between a day and a week. This kind of free trial is extremely useful, however it is pretty rare.

The vast majority of VPNs provide a money back guarantee. This does permit you to trial the VPN and all of its features, however, you must initially pay for the service in order to get access. Money back guarantees may last for anything between one week and a month, with some rare providers even offering a 45 day money back guarantee. 

Do VPN services with money back guarantees always honor their guarantee?

 Sadly, this is not always the case, so if you are thinking about subscribing to a VPN that we have not recommended specifically it is worth checking whether we’ve reviewed it on ProPrivacy.com. check out our VPN reviews.

The price section of our reviews will let you know if there are any limitations or clauses in the VPN’s money back guarantee that might catch you out. The primary limitation placed on money back guarantees is a data limit that if exceeded voids the guarantee.

Choosing a Free Trial VPN

Ok, so let's assume for a moment that you already have a free trial VPN. If you are keen on seeing how the VPN performs before purchasing, there are a few simple tests you can run while connected to the service.

Follow these tips to properly test a VPN:

  • IP and DNS Leaks - With data encryption and online privacy being the main reasons people buy a VPN, having your IP or DNS address leak while connected to the service is unacceptable. Test your VPN connection with a tool such as ipleak.net to see if your VPN is properly masking your real IP And DNS addresses. Read more in our guide on IP and DNS leaks!
  • VPN Speed - While connected to the VPN, run a quick speed test through a service such as Speedof.me or Speedtest.net. Keep in mind there are a number of factors that may affect the connection speed of a VPN. Check out our VPN speed tests to see which providers offer the fastest servers!
  • VPN Features - There are tons of potential features with a VPN service that should be examined during a free trial period. These features can range from as simple as allowing torrenting on servers to double VPN encryption or network kill switches.
  • Customer Support - If you are having issues with any of the points above, submit a support ticket or jump on live chat (if available) to see what level of assistance the VPN provides for customers.

Additionally, if you are looking for a VPN for Netflix or want to unblock BBC iPlayer abroad, try accessing the stream using a couple different VPN server locations to ensure proper coverage and the ability to watch in HD quality. 

Alternatively, if you want a low-cost service, take a look at our cheap VPN or VPN deals pages.

Free trial VPN restrictions

When it comes to VPN free trials there are a couple of variations that VPN providers commonly offer. The most common is a money back guarantee and although it does involve initially paying for a subscription, the VPNs that we recommend are known to always honor their guarantee. This is great, because it permits people to trial a premium VPN with all the trimmings without actually having to risk their hard earned cash.

The next kind of trial is a limited time free trial. This kind of free trial is for a full premium account and usually lasts for anything between one day and seven days.

Finally, some VPN providers do have a full free service. This kind of free VPN is not a trial but rather a free service that has a number of restrictions designed to make people want to upgrade to the full service. Check out our guide to find out more about free VPNs.

Are free trial VPNs secure?

Free trials for VPNs are always for the full premium VPN service. That means that you are getting all the same privacy and security features that you can expect to get if you pay. The free trial is specifically designed to let potential subscribers try the full service, with all its bells and whistles. This means that all of the free VPNs in this article are secure and provide watertight digital privacy.

Do VPN Free trials keep logs?

Whether you are using a full premium VPN service, or that provider’s free trial, the logging policy remains the same. The providers that we have recommended are all known to have either a no logs policy or a policy that involves only minimal non-invasive connection logs. That means you can trust these free trial VPNs to provide you with solid digital privacy. To find out more check out our no logs VPN page.


Below you will find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about free trial VPNs. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to drop us a message in the form below the article.

Quick View

  1. PrivateVPN - 7-day free trial with no strings attached
  2. CyberGhost - 1-day free trial with no strings attached
  3. VyprVPN - 3-day free trial, but card details required
  4. AirVPN - No strings 3-day free trial on request
  5. CactusVPN - Easy-peasy no-strings 3-day free trial

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Written by: Thomas Ujj

Thomas is an experienced technology writer with a passion for digital privacy and politics. In his spare time he enjoys fragging players in Overwatch and watching Italian football giants AS Roma.


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      Luiz, Der Titel dieser Seite lautet "5 beste VPNs mit einer kostenlosen Testversion - Nutzen Sie kostenlose Testversionen und Geld-zurück-Garantien." Unsere Forschung zeigt, dass die meisten Menschen mit beiden zufrieden sind, also haben wir zwei getrennte Seiten kombiniert. Das heißt, alle auf dieser Seite aufgelisteten VPNs bieten einen Tree Trial ExpressVPN (der eine Geld-zurück-Garantie anbietet).

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