Review is a Canadian online backup and cross-platform syncing service with a strong focus on privacy. In this review, we take an in-depth look at each aspect of this cloud storage service.



  • Canada is a Five Eyes member 
  • Apps are not open-source (although web portal is)
  • No Linux support
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3.75 / 5
$8.00 - $15.00
Free option


The most basic plan costs everyone’s favorite price: nothing. This gives you 5 GB of secure file storage. As a point of comparison, Dropbox hands out a rather measly 2GB storage for free, while Google Drive provides a very generous 15GB storage for free.

Personal Pro plans for personal and family use start at fairly beefy 2TB storage for the Solo Basic plan or a positively capacious 6TB for the Solo Professional plan. One potential catch is that plans must be paid for annually, as there is no monthly payment option. That said, the 2TB price per year, in particular, represents good value for money. 

The free plan provides access to most features, but there are some features which are only available to Personal Pro members.

For businesses, there are two options available under the "For Teams" option. There is Teams Standard, which offers 1TB of storage and is priced per user, though you are required to sign up to a minimum of two accounts to begin with. There is also Teams Unlimited, which again has a minimum sign up requirement of two accounts, but this offers unlimited storage for $15 per user per month, which isn't to be sneezed at. The Unlimited plan is also the only one to offer telephone support in case of any issues.

Payment can be made by card or PayPal. also accepts potentially anonymous payment in Bitcoin. 



Sync Vault Online-only backup

Instead of syncing files across all devices,’s Vault feature allows you to upload files only to the cloud. A local version of the file remains on the original device it was uploaded from, but it is not automatically synced to other devices unless you specifically opt to Sync offline.

This is a great feature for those with limited disk space on some of your devices, allowing you to access files easily without the need to download your entire Share Folder to every device. It is worth noting here that on mobile devices all files are stored online-only until actively downloaded or synced locally (“Sync offline”).

File versioning stores saved versions of files so that you can recover them if they become corrupted, infected by a virus (such as ransomware), or if you just want to access a historical version of that file. Free users can only recover files up to 30 days old, while Personal Pro accounts have no time limit.

Link sharing

Individual files can be shared using a link which can be deleted at any time. Even free users can set a password for the share, although Pro users enjoy a bunch of additional features such as expiry dates, download limits, document preview, email notifications of activity, and more.

Link sharing

One feature we really like is file requests, which allows you to send an upload link so that recipients can send documents to your account without the shared access features of a team folder.

Shared team folders

You can share a team folder with others. On free accounts, team members can read and edit all files in a shared folder, although Pro accounts allow you to specify read-only permissions. Team members must sign up for a account if they don’t already have one, although a free account is all that is needed to access a shared folder.

sharing team folders


Apps are available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Linux is currently not supported. On desktop platforms, the apps primarily just sync specified folders to the cloud, with more detailed management performed via the web interface which can be accessed on any platform which supports web browsing.

copy to sync vault from desktop

The Windows client features some basic OS integration features. The mobile apps do not sync files to local storage by default, although you can choose to do this.

Mobile photo and video upload

The mobile apps can auto-upload photos and videos to the cloud, which is a very useful feature. If you want to upload existing media stored on your device, though, the app will upload everything it finds as there is no way to exclude specified folders. mobile app

In our case, this meant it used up precious bandwidth and storage capacity uploading big movie files intended only for use on our phone. We were also unable to prevent it uploading our library of 2000+ photos except by disabling the feature altogether. 


Privacy and security

Jurisdiction and its servers are based in Canada and are presumably covered the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) data privacy legislation. This gives customers the right to access personal information held by, and requires to ask permission before collecting, using, or disclosing information to a third party. 

The privacy policy appears to adhere to PIPEDA and affirms’s commitment to privacy. It does admit, however, that the company will disclose information when required to by law, which brings us to the fact that Canada is a core member of the United States NSA-led Five Eyes spying alliance

This situation is not helped by the highly controversial 2015 Anti-terrorism Act (Bill C-51) which greatly expanded the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS)’s surveillance powers and gave it sweeping powers to hack or otherwise access any internet-connected device (which presumably includes cloud storage servers).

Additionally, there is the 2014 Protecting Canadians from Online Crime Act which requires police to have "reasonable grounds for suspicion" in order to obtain a warrant to access online data, but the bar for which has been criticized as being very low.

In theory, none of this should matter very much as uses end-to-end encryption (e2ee)…

Technical security

E2ee means that you encrypt files on your computer or mobile device before uploading them to the cloud, and only you can decrypt them. In other words, whatever the legal situation might or might not be, (or the NSA) simply cannot access your data. This is why it claims to be a “zero-knowledge” service. 

Data is encrypted using an AES-256-GCM cipher which is secured with an RSA-2048 private key and your password. PBKDF2 key stretching with a high iteration count is used to help make weak passwords more cryptographically secure.

Encrypted private keys are stored on’s servers and downloaded by the apps or web panel after successful authentication. This requires a password, but this is one-way hashed using Bcrypt and is never stored. never has access to your private key or your actual password, which is used to decrypt files locally.

The web panel is open-source and uses the latest JavaScript cryptography libraries. As with all browser-based cryptography, however, there is a danger that malicious code could be pushed from the server which your browser will automatically accept. Additional details are available in a white paper, and all looks good. 

Not open source

The problem, however, is that apart from its web portal,’s apps are all closed source. There is no way to independently verify that files are, in fact, e2e encrypted before being uploaded.

Ease of Use

Signing up with a valid email address and password gets you to access to the 5GB free service. Just download and install the apps, and off you go! You can upgrade to a premium account from within the web portal. 

The Desktop clients

Bar minor OS interface differences (and the fact that the Windows client has some OS integration features, as discussed above), the Windows and macOS clients are more or less identical. It's fantastic support for Mac users makes this one of the best cloud backup services for Mac users. for windows and Mac

They basically just keep your Sync Folder synchronized with other linked devices’ Sync Folders and your online storage. More advanced features are accessed via the web portal. control panel advances settings

The web portal

The open source web portal is the beating heart of this product and provides access to the full range of’s features. Here you can easily upload files to the Vault, create shared folders, monitor file shares, and more.

the web portal

The mobile apps

The Android and iOS apps provide access to almost all of’s features, including direct access to the Vault, share monitoring, and more. The only thing we could spot missing is the ability to create team share folders. android app

Files and folders can be synced or simply downloaded locally. 

Final thoughts is a very slick and easy-to-use cloud storage solution which uses robust end-to-end encryption for maximum privacy. Its mobile apps, in particular, are refreshingly fully featured after our disappointment with the read-only SpiderOak mobile apps. We did end up having to disable photo uploads, though, which wasn't ideal.

NSA-style surveillance is not a concern for everyone, but we can’t help wishing this wasn’t a largely closed source service based in Canada. 


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Private Angel
on 2023-07-13 07:58:27.
Overall score: 1
A lot of issues with where files are buffering during playback or it plays well one day and the next day one has to reupload as files keep getting corrupted. Stay away from

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Written by: Douglas Crawford

Has worked for almost six years as senior staff writer and resident tech and VPN industry expert at Widely quoted on issues relating cybersecurity and digital privacy in the UK national press (The Independent & Daily Mail Online) and international technology publications such as Ars Technica.

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Privacy Minded in 5 Eyes
on June 30, 2021
It's worth noting that the recent pricing structure change Sync rolled out made them somewhat less competitive in this space.... This is especially true since a recent question to their customer support reassured me that "Linux support remains on our long-term roadmap." When I countered that it has been on the "long-term roadmap" for 5 years and that continuing to say such means very little with no evidence of action, the rep admitted it was not actively being developed at all at this time and they were unable to advise when, or even IF, it would ever become reality.

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