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Ruin My Search History

Sick of Google harvesting all your personal data? Ruin My Search History is a simple, effective and fun way to throw Google off the scent! By generating random search queries, the tool prevents Google from building an accurate picture of who you are. Decide just how random you want the searches to be using the slider below and click 'Ruin My Search History'. If you dare!

How do I Ruin My Search History?

Google would like you to believe that it provides these services for free, but it doesn’t. You are paying a heavy price with your personal data.

Think about it – Google received 63,000 searches per second on any given day and it stores every single search. Google knows more about you than you know about yourself. Everything from what you eat and drink and where you go, to who your friends are, your political allegiances and even your sexual preferences.

Google uses your searches to build an incredibly detailed profile of you in order to sell you products and services later down the line. That’s how the company makes money. So what if you could throw Google off the scent by conducting random searches. Well, Ruin My Search History takes this concept to the logical extreme.

Hit the button above and RMSH will take over your browser and immediately cycle through random search terms ranging from the outright boring to the type of thing that might get your name on a list somewhere.

So the only question is – how far do you dare push it?

How do I stop Google from using my search history to build a profile?

Simply head over to Google and click your profile in the top right (log in if needed) > Manage your Google Account > Manage your data & personalization under Privacy & Personalization > Go to ad settings under Ad personalization. You can turn personalized advertisements off here but ruining your search history is much more fun.

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