How does it work?

Some links on our site contain a unique ID. When a user clicks on one of these links and decides to purchase a product or service, the provider pays us a finder’s fee.

If you purchase a service via our site, it doesn’t cost you anything extra. In fact, it's often cheaper than purchasing directly via the provider, because our influence in the market allows us to negotiate better deals and discounts for our readers.

Can you really claim to provide unbiased reviews if you earn commission from providers?

We’ve always believed that if we are honest with our readers, the money will take care of itself. All of our reviews are 100% impartial. We don't have any commercial relationships with most services we recommend and review. We will always criticize our partners if we feel they can do better and we will praise providers with whom we have no relationship if we believe their products deserve it.

We only enter commercial relationships with providers if we feel their products meet the standards we have set for ourselves. If you would like to know more, you can read more in our review and testing process.

Why do you do this?

Almost every comparison and review site on the internet operates an affiliate model of some kind. Without these commissions, we wouldn’t be able to pay our staff or carry on doing the work we do without resorting to a subscription service or paywall of some kind.

Our team is split between the UK and Hungary and between us, we have reviewed more privacy tools than any other comparison site on the web. In short, all of this costs money, and our affiliate work has enabled us to pioneer a range of industry-leading privacy tools and invest a lot of time and resources into fighting for internet freedom for everyone.

None of this would be possible without your continued support. So from everyone on the ProPrivacy team (past, present, and future) thank you so very much for helping us fight for our digital rights.


ProPrivacy is owned and operated by Comparitech Limited which in turn is part of the Pango group of companies. Pango and its ultimate parent company, WC SACD Holdings Inc. own a number of identity theft protection, VPN, and other cyber security products. Comparitech Limited (and by extension ProPrivacy) operates independently of Pango and with full editorial control. We apply the same objective review process to Pango products or products competitive to Pango products that are used to assess any other product we review.

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