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Black Friday Cybersecurity Deals 2022 – VPNs, Secure Cloud Storage, Password Managers, and Ad-blockers

Get the best deals on the leading cybersecurity services such as – VPNs, Cloud Storage, Password Managers, and Ad-blockers – by taking advantage of our exclusive Black Friday VPN and Cyber Monday deals!


Purchasing software that will keep you secure and private online can be expensive, however, the top providers usually offer deals to entice people like you to sign up to their service. There's no better time to find a great offer than Black Friday. Although Black Friday is the 26th of the month, a lot of companies run deals throughout November, meaning you can find a great offer before the event has even started.

We've curated a list of Black Friday deals for VPNs right now. These include; VPNs, Cloud Storage, Password Managers, and ad-blockers. We've also included services that offer fantastic Black Friday privacy software deals we have found out there on the web.

The Best Black Friday Cybersecurity Deals in 2022

These are the best Black Friday cyber security deals in 2022. Click the links below to jump to more details about each deal:

Black Friday VPN Deals

We've listed the best Black Friday VPN deals below, so be sure to take advantage of these monumental discounts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


ExpressVPN Logo

Purchase 12-months and get 3-months free

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN providers in the industry. It's a top-notch service with strong security features, excellent connection speeds, and reliable unblocking capabilities.


ExpressVPN is a premium service that normally comes with a premium price tag, but you can snag a tremendous Black Friday deal if you sign up for the annual subscription plan. When you purchase a 12-month subscription plan, you'll get 3 months free!

What you get:

ExpressVPN Discount Coupon
3-months free with a yearly subscription plan includes 30-day moneyback gaurantee

Check out our ExpressVPN review to find out more information about this VPN.


nordvpn logo

72% discount on 2-year plans

NordVPN is a top-class VPN provider that offers user-friendly apps for all platforms, packed with awesome features, and has excellent 24/7 live chat support.

NordVPN has always managed to offer superb security for a price that won't break the bank, and this year, the provider's 2-year subscription is on offer at $3.29 per month – that's a 72% discount! This deal is available from October 27th to November 29th, so make sure you don't miss out on a real bargain.

What you get:

NordVPN Discount Coupon
A chance to win! An extended VPN subscription Sign up for a 2-year plan to enter

Check out our NordVPN review to find out more information about this VPN.

CyberGhost VPN

cyberghost logo

83% off a 3-year subscription with 3-months free

CyberGhost VPN is a Romania-based VPN provider that combines superb usability with blazing-fast speeds and excellent security.

This year, CyberGhost is launching an incredible Black Friday deal starting on November 19th, when you'll be able to score a 3-year subscription plan for just $2.25 per month, plus an additional 3 months free! That equates to a mind-blowing 83% discount on this fantastic VPN.

What you get:

CyberGhost VPN Discount Coupon
Save 85% on the 2-year subscription plus 2-months free includes 45-day money back guarantee

Check out our CyberGhost VPN review to find out more information about this VPN.

Private Internet Access logo

Private Internet Access

82% discount on a 3-year subscription plan

PIA is a veteran VPN service that is consistently regarded as one of the best in the industry when it comes to privacy and security.

This is a well-rounded service that gets the job done for all kinds of use-cases and offers excellent options for customization. Beginning on November 19th and extending through Cyber Monday, PIA is offering a massive 82% discount on its 3-year plan, allowing you access to this world-class VPN at a rate of only $2.19 per month!

What you get:

Private Internet Access Discount Coupon
Get 84% off a 3-year subscription + 2 FREE months includes a 30-day moneyback guarantee

Check out our Private Internet Access review to find out more information about this VPN.


Surfshark logo

Get an additional 3-months free with 2-year plans

Surfshark is relatively new to the scene, but has already taken the VPN world by storm with its reliable features, robust security, and unlimited simultaneous connections.

From now until Cyber Monday, you can bag a generous holiday deal and get a 24-month Surfshark subscription at just $2.21per month – plus an additional 3 months free! 27 months for just $59.76 is one whale(or a shark) of a deal!

What you get:

Surfshark Discount Coupon
77% discount Buy 12-months get 12-months free! Use "topvpnoffer"

Check out our Surfshark review to find out more information about this VPN.

VyprVPN logo


One whole year for free when subscribing for 2-years

VyprVPN is a Swiss-based VPN provider that offers excellent speeds and privacy thanks to the fact that it owns and manages its entire network of servers, in 70 countries around the world.

Black Friday deals don't come much better than this! From November 18th to December 1st, VyprVPN is offering 12-months free when you purchase a 2-year subscription – that comes out to only $1.53 per month! Plus, VyprVPN will knock another $10 off your subscription cost when you use the applicable coupon.

What you get:

VyprVPN Discount Coupon
Get 12-months for free with 2-year subscriptions only $1.66 per month

Check out our VyprVPN review to find out more information about this VPN.


ProtonVPN logo

50% off 2-year subscriptions until January 1st

ProtonVPN is a super-secure VPN provider developed by the same folks behind the massively popular email service, ProtonMail.

What's great about Proton's Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale is that you can bundle both products together at an incredible discount, and existing ProtonVPN customers can save 47% by upgrading to a ProtonMail Plus and ProtonVPN Plus bundle – or, you can net a 33% discount by simply switching to a 2-year billing cycle!

Both new and existing ProtonVPN customers have plenty of opportunities to bag a bargain, however. The service is offering a 50% discount on 2-year plans (at $4.99 per month), a 40% discount on 1-year plans (at $5.99 per month), and a 25% discount on monthly plans (at $7.49 per month). This kind of choice is just what we like to see!

You'll want to act quickly, because these awesome deals are only available between November 1st and January 1st. 

What you get:

ProtonVPN Discount Coupon
50% off the Proton Bundle when signing up for 2-years includes ProtonVPN, ProtonMail & ProtonDrive

Check out our ProtonVPN review to find out more information about this VPN.


Ivacy VPN logo

Get 5-years of Ivacy for just $0.99 per month!

To celebrate Black Friday, Ivacy is offering new customers the chance to get a 5-year subscription to the service for just $0.99 per month! That's an incredible 90% discount, and you're covered for the next 60 months.

What you get:

Ivacy Discount Coupon
Get 5-years for $80 that's just $1.33/month Includes 30-day moneyback guarantee

Check out our Ivacy review to find out more information about this VPN.

Hotspot Shield

hotspot sheild logo

Save 81% on a 3-year subscription, only $2.49/month

Hotspot Shield has a reputation for being an outstanding free VPN, but with the paid version you get more server choice, the ability to unblock Netflix and Hulu and fast speeds... really fast speeds.

Over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Hotspot shield as slashing the price of their 3-year subscription plan by 81% This incredible saving means you can pick up this powerhouse of speed and unblocking for just $2.49/month. 

What you get:

Hotspot Shield Discount Coupon
Save 77% on a 3-year subscription plan only $2.99/month with savings

Check out our Hotspot Shield review to find out more information about this VPN.


IPVanish logo

Get a 1-year subscription for just $38.38

IPVanish is a lightning-fast VPN provider based in the US, and it doesn't skimp when it comes to security or top-notch features, either! The service is already incredibly budget-friendly, but you'll be able to save tons more dough by taking advantage of its phenomenal Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

In 2022, you'll be able to score a 2-year IPVanish subscription for just $68.98 – which works out at £2.92 per month! 1-year plans are available for $38.38, or $3.20 per month, and users can even bag monthly plans for $10.99 per month.

What you get:

IPVanish Discount Coupon
Pay just $38.38 for a year of IPVanish includes a 30-day moneyback gaurantee

Check out our IPVanish review to find out more information about this VPN.


HMA Logo

Save 73% on a 3-year subscription

HMA (formerly Hide My Ass) have made some serious improvements to their service in 2022, including going completely no-logs, making them the ideal choice for any privacy advocates. If you're looking for a VPN to unblock streaming services with, we're pleased to inform you that HMA works with most major sites, including US Netflix!

And, as a cherry on top, HMA is currently running a Black Friday special where users can save 77% on 3-year subscriptions!

What you get:

HMA Discount Coupon
Save 73% on a 3-year plan Includes a 30-day moneyback guarantee

Check out our HMA review to find out more information about this VPN. logo

1-year subscription (and an extra 3-months) for just $45 is an excellent Malaysian VPN provider that is highly reliable, fast, and offers access to tons of streaming services from all over the world. There's never been a better time to check out the service, either, thanks to a massive Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) discount.

From November 4th, you'll be able to get a 1-year subscription for a mere $45! The provider is also throwing in an addition 3-months at not extra cost – for a total of 15 months of coverage.

What you get: Discount Coupon
Save 61% and get 2-months free includes a 30-day moneyback guarantee

Check out our review to find out more information about this VPN.

PureVPN logo


Save 81% on a 2-year plan, only $2.04/month

PureVPN is a Hong Kong-based VPN provider with a massive server network and speeds fast enough to handle online gaming, streaming, and torrenting. If privacy is more your thing, then PureVPN offers a strict zero-logs policy and excellent, well-implemented encryption.

Over the Black Friday period, PureVPN are offering new subscribers the chance to sign up for just $2.04 a month when purchasing a 2-year subscription. That's an 81% discount in total, and a great deal from a service that continues to improve and impress.

What you get:

PureVPN Discount Coupon
Save 86% on a 5-year subscription plan Just $1.48/month with offer

Check out our PureVPN review to find out more information about this VPN.

Trust.Zone logo


Save 80% on 2-year subscriptions

Trust.Zone lives up to its name, focusing solely on privacy – so if you're looking for a VPN that can unblock streaming sites and geo-restricted content, you might need to search elsewhere. However, Trust.Zone is a great option for folks interested in staying secure when browsing the web.

The VPN is also currently offering users an 80% discount on 2-year plans, which works out to a very generous $1.99 per month!

What you get:

Trust.Zone Discount Coupon
Save 80% on a 2-year subscription plan only $1.99/month with discount

Check out our Trust.Zone review to find out more information about this VPN.

Black Friday Password Manager Deals

Find the best Black Friday Password Manager deal below.

NordPass logo


If you're in the market for a Password Manager, NordVPN has a deal for you too! Nord's recently launched NordPass service is a simple yet effective Password Manager that you could snag a deal on.

From now until the start of December, NordPass is a whopping 70% off! This means you can pick up a full 2-year subscription for just $35.93 – that works out at just $1.49/month.

What you get:

NordPass Discount Coupon
Save 70% on a 2-year subscription pay on $35.93

Check out our NordPass review to find out more information about this Password Manager.

Black Friday Cloud Storage Deals

Here is the best Black Friday cloud storage deal.

NordLocker logo


On top of NordVPN's amazing Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals on its world-class VPN product, the company is offering massive holiday discounts on its new NordLocker secure Cloud Storage solution.

From now until December 1st, you'll be able to get a 1-year NordLocker 500GB Premium subscription for only $38.28(a whopping 60% savings off the regular price).

What you get:

NordLocker Discount Coupon
Pay $47.88 for a 1-year (500GB) plan includes 30-day MBG

Check out our NordLocker review to find out more information about this Password Manager.

Black Friday Ad-blocker Deals

Find the best Ad-blocking software Black Friday deal below.

Adlock Logo


If you're looking for a premium ad-blocker then why not take advantage of Adlock's Black Friday deal! Adlock is offering users five year subscriptions for just $44.71 which works out at just 75 cents per month! 

AdLock Discount Coupon
Save 77% on a 5 year subscription Click the coupon and the discount will be


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