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Trust.Zone is an independent no-logs VPN service focusing strongly on privacy. It’s a little light on features, but gets all the important things right and has a reasonable cost. We take an in-depth look at this VPN in this Trust.Zone review.

Our Score
3.8 / 5
$2.33/mo - $8.88/mo
Server Locations
35 countries
Simultaneous connections
Seychelles SpeedTest (average)
39.3 Mbps
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Trust.Zone pricing is around average for a month-by-month subscription but gets dramatically cheaper for longer-term purchases. If you buy a 2-year account, then the maximum number of devices you can connect at once increases from 3 to 5. 

Prospective customers are encouraged to take advantage of a 3-day/1 GB free test, for which it requires no payment details. It is also possible to request a refund up to 10-days after purchase, but this also has a 1 GB data limit after which it does not permit refunds.

For a small additional fee, dedicated static IP addresses are available in the UK, US, France, and Germany. It is also possible to purchase an additional 3 simultaneous connections should you need them. 

ability to add extra features

You can make payments via card, PayPal, or a variety of global payment processors. It is also possible, if you take care, to pay anonymously using the Bitcoin, Verge, or CloakCoin cryptocurrencies (Emercoin is also accepted, but is not so good for privacy). 

This is great, but please remember that no matter how anonymously you pay for a VPN service, it will still know your real IP address. 

Card purchases are processed by PayPro, while cryptocurrency purchases are paid direct to Trust.Zone wallets. Paying in any cryptocurrency nets a 10% discount.


*The Trust.Zone website says that it offers 164 fast servers in 89 “zones” around the world. But we counted only around 96 servers in 43 countries on the website’s server page, and only 38 countries listed in the apps. 

Torrenting is permitted on all servers. The terms of service warns users that users shouldn't torrent illegal content, but at the same stresses that Trust.Zone does not monitor or block any traffic, and that it keeps no logs which can be handed over to copyright enforcers. So, in practice, all torrenting is fine. 

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Speeds and Performance

Speed test results

At the time of publication, our speed tests for Trust.Zone have only been running for a few days, so these early results are necessarily tentative and may change over time.

At 39.3 Mbits/ Average, 270.2 Mbits max burst speed, and an average weighted result of 42.2 Mbits, early indicators are that Trust.Zone is shaping up to be a perfectly decent, but unexceptional service in terms of speed performance. 

IP leaks

With DNS leak protection enabled in the Windows client we did not detect any IPv6, WebRTC (IPv4 or IPv6) or DNS (IPv4 or IPv6) leaks. The number of DNS servers used was quite limited, however, with DNS often being resolved in a  different country to where the IP address is located (mainly in the Netherlands or Canada). The same can be said for the Android app, which similarly reported no leaks and a small number of DNS servers.

proprivacy leak test showing no leaks

This is a non-issue from a privacy perspective, but it might cause problems when trying to spoof your location. Disabling DNS leak protection generally ensures that DNS queries are resolved at the correct VPN server location, but we detected the odd DNS leak when doing this.

If you want to test for yourself, you can use ProPrivacy's hassle-free leak testing tool.

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Trust.Zone is based in the Seychelles, a tax haven which has no mandatory data retention laws, domestic internet surveillance, or ties to the Five Eyes spying alliance.

Privacy policy

All our VPN servers around the world ARE NOT storing any log files to keep your privacy safe. All the usage data is anonymous and not connected to your real, public IP address.


So it appears that some metadata is kept, but is not tied to users' IP addresses. This counts as “no logs” in our books, which is good. We are also pleased to note that we detected no third party cookies or other trackers on the Trust.Zone website.

Technical security

The apps use OpenVPN, although setup instructions are also provided for L2TP/IPsec. The OpenVPN settings used are:

Data channel: an AES-256-CBC cipher with HMAC SHA512 hash authentication.

Control channel: an AES-256-GCM cipher with RSA-2048 TLS key encryption and SHA384 hash authentication. Perfect forward secrecy is provided by an ECDHE key exchange.

This is a very secure setup. For more information about what this all means, means see our Ultimate Guide to VPN Encryption

As already noted, we detected no IP leaks of any kind. Most of the servers Trust.Zone uses are bare metal, but it does also use some less secure VPS instances. Support was happy, however, to provide a list of which locations use VPS instances, should you wish to avoid them.

We are not entirely convinced about how useful warrant canaries really are, but we know some find them reassuring. It is therefore good to see that Trust.Zone keeps its warrant canary up-to-date and signed with a PGP signature. 

Does Trust.Zone unblock Netflix?

We successfully unblocked the US Netflix catalog with Trust.Zone, although BBC iPlayer blocked us.

Customer support

The first lines of customer support are an FAQ (which is hit-and-miss in usefulness), plus a good selection of setup guides. If you need further assistance, a ticketed email system is in place.

When we tested this, we didn't receive an answer until the next day. But the response we received was excellent. Unlike many providers, it answered highly technical questions in the full detail requested. So top marks on that front.

Ease of use

Custom VPN apps are only available for Windows and Android, with decent OpenVPN and/or L2TP/IPsec manual guides available for macOS, iOS/iPadOS, Ubuntu, Mint, Manjaro, and a variety of routers. There are also some guides for sharing your desktop VPN connection with smart TV and a section of games consoles, etc.

Since there are excellent third-party OpenVPN apps available for macOS and iOS, we don’t really find the lack of custom apps for these platforms much of an issue. 

The Windows client

The app is quite simple, but it gets the job done. It uses the OpenVPN protocol and features a kill switch and DNS leak protection. We will never understand why VPN services make DNS leak protection optional, but the important thing is that it's there. 

trustzone windows client

It is not clear from the settings, but the Windows app always operates in OpenVPN TCP mode. This is useful when using port 443 to emulate HTTPS traffic, but is unlikely to do performance much good. 

The Android App

The Android app looks very similar to its Windows cousin and also uses OpenVPN, with the ability to select which port to use.

trustzone android app

In contrast to the Windows app, the Android app always operates in UDP mode. This should cause improved performance, but makes running the VPN over port 443 rather pointless since HTTPS traffic uses TCP mode. 

There is no kill switch, although Android 7.0+ includes a built-in kill switch that works with any VPN app, including this one.

Final thoughts 

Trust.Zone is a privacy-focused no logs VPN service with great technical security and no IP leaks. So it gets a definite thumbs-up from us.

Its feature list is on the basic side, but the important stuff, like a kill switch and DNS leak protection, is covered. That it unblocks US Netflix is a nice bonus, and the quality of its support team impressed us. 

Some may miss the lack of dedicated apps for macOS and iOS, but in our view the third party alternatives (we recommend using OpenVPN rather than configuring L2TP/IPsec) are better than most dedicated apps we review, anyway. So we don't consider this a big problem. 

Pricing is also very reasonable, making Trust.Zone an easy recommendation for those who prefer a smaller privacy-focused VPN service. 

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Written by: Douglas Crawford

Has worked for almost six years as senior staff writer and resident tech and VPN industry expert at Widely quoted on issues relating cybersecurity and digital privacy in the UK national press (The Independent & Daily Mail Online) and international technology publications such as Ars Technica.


on June 5, 2019
I use it since 2018. The only complaint I have is the availability of VPN endpoints. Many are often unavailable, more exactly either the server address is not resolved ,either there are "TLS" errors. I use only the open source app.
Mike Brien
on July 16, 2018
Once again Trust Zone comes out on TOP! I love the Trust Zone kill switch and now Trust Zone has added additional DNS leak protection, additional multiple simultaneous connections and dedicated personal IP addresses for better security, protection, performance and internet functionality. Trust Zone was recommended to me years ago by a public and trusted file sharing service as the best secured VPN service on the planet and Trust Zone has not disappointed! I am a loyal customer for life. Thank you Trust Zone for being #1 world wide.
on December 5, 2017
i make a payment of 1month 6.29 by Bitcoin How can i danlowd
Douglas Crawford replied to dstrryetr
on December 6, 2017
Hi dstrryetr, You will need to contact Trust.Zone about this.
Anonymous fan
on November 2, 2017
I recevied several warnings from my ISP in the past. So, I decided to start using anonymous VPN finally I have read tons of info via ProPrivacy and other websites, tried several free trial versions of diffrent vpns Well, trustzone seems to me the first VPN i wanna pay. no webrtc leaks, no dns leaks. They use their own DNS servers. I am pretty sure that my real IP address is not leaked anymore
Brett Weir replied to Anonymous fan
on March 14, 2018
I use Trust.Zone all the time and never got any warnings from my ISP.
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