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Can't access EU Netflix libraries? Here's why... and how to fix it

Netflix subscribers all over the world use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to increase the amount of content they can stream. A VPN lets you conceal your real IP address from Netflix and, by connecting to a VPN server in a different country, you can access exclusive content that is only available in that region. 

Our Netflix tool is designed to let Netflix users all over the world take advantage of these differing regional Netflix catalogs. The snazzy new tool explains which exclusives are available in what location. It also specifies which VPN services will allow you to spoof your location and stream that extra content - without paying a dime more to Netflix.


Can I watch US Netflix in Europe?

Unfortunately, for consumers living in Europe, some (but not all) of the opportunity to go digital globetrotting with a VPN has been restricted because of E.U. regulations that came into force in April of 2018. Those regulations require streaming providers like Netflix to serve EU customers their own content libraries – even when they visit another European country. 

The rules are supposed to improve things for European citizens, by ensuring that even when they go abroad they can still stream language-specific content only available in their home country. Unfortunately, these rules also eliminate the ability for someone in Sweden, for example, to use a VPN to access an exclusive Netflix title only available in France. (Finally, Brexit makes a little sense.) 

Following the introduction of those regulations, Netflix was forced to tie all European Netflix accounts to the region they were taken out in. As a result, even if an EU Netflix member moves abroad, it will take 365 days for their account to update to the new region. 

The big question that Europeans inevitably ask is whether this completely rules them out for watching extra content on Netflix? Fortunately, the answer is no.

Can I use a VPN to unblock Netflix

Firstly, EU citizens can still use a VPN to gain a US IP and pretend to be in the US. Doing this will allow them to access the US catalog and all the extra films and movies it contains (up to 70% more!). This is because the rule only applies to EU citizens traveling within the EU. 

The same is true if a European Netflix subscriber uses a VPN to unblock Netflix Australia, Japan, South Korea – or any other region outside of the EU that has an exclusive title worth streaming (remember to check out our tool to find out what you could be watching!) With this in mind, there are still plenty of reasons to get a VPN – even if you are an unlucky European Netflix subscriber.

Another important thing to remember, is that the EU regulations only affect customers who originally set up their Netflix account from a European IP address. If an American citizen goes on holiday to Paris, for example, they will still be served the French version of the Netflix catalog. 

If US Netflix account holders use a VPN to connect to a server in the UK, France, Germany – or any other European country – they will get served that country's Netflix library, and whatever exclusive titles it contains. 

Why you need a US Netflix account

The fact remains that US account holders can access more international Netflix catalogs than their European counterparts. This creates a strong argument for getting a US-based Netflix account. In fact, if you already have a European Netflix account, you may want to cancel it – so that you can take out a new subscription-based in the USA. 

By connecting to a VPN server in America, you can easily get a new Netflix subscription that is 100% registered to a US IP address. To do this, you will need a valid local payment method. However, we have found an easy way for anybody in Europe to do this, and we have created an in-depth guide below so that you can get a US Netflix account if you want to!

How to get a US Netflix account in Europe

As soon as you have paid for a US Netflix account. You will be able to use a VPN from within Europe to access any Netflix catalog. So follow the steps below, and you will be able to get the most out of Netflix. 

If you are worried that you will miss out when you go on holiday within Europe, remember that you can also connect to a VPN server in your own country if you want to, as this will regain access to your home nation's Netflix catalog.

  1. Choose a VPN that is known to work with Netflix. We've recommended some of the best services available in our best Netflix VPNs guide.
  2. Download and install the VPN app onto your device, then login.
  3. Choose a VPN server in the USA and click connect.
  4. Head over to US Unlocked and get a virtual US debit card (it comes with a valid US postal address that you can use to sign up to Netflix). Once you have registered with US Unlocked, you will need to upload a little money to your virtual card in order to pay for the Netflix subscription.
  5. Sign up for Netflix while connected to your VPN's US IP address and pay with the virtual debit card you got from US Unlocked. Be sure to use incognito/private browsing mode so that your real location isn't revealed by tracking cookies.

Now you can unblock EU Netflix libraries with ease!


Netflix lovers from EU member states will need a non-European Netflix account if they want to totally unlock the full range of Netflix libraries. Thanks to our recommended Netflix VPNs and US Unlocked, this couldn't be easier.

Written by: Ray Walsh

Digital privacy expert with 5 years experience testing and reviewing VPNs. He's been quoted in The Express, The Times, The Washington Post, The Register, CNET & many more. 


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