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Best VPNs for the FIFA World Cup 2022 – Watch live from anywhere

This year's FIFA World Cup takes place a little later than usual – from November 20 until December 18. Which, frankly, I think is great. Because, even if you aren't the biggest fan, it's a great way to warm up during snowy days and overcome long winter nights. It also gives you enough time to prepare for the world's most anticipated football event.


At ProPrivacy, we don't like to leave anything to chance. We believe it's always better to arrange everything ahead so that when the time arrives, you can just sit back and enjoy your favorite matches. That's why we created this list of the best VPNs that will enable you to stream the Word Cup effortlessly from nearly any country in the world.

We also bring you detailed schedules of the games, and the best channels to watch them on according to your location at the time of watching.

What are the best VPNs for FIFA World Cup 2022?

After the thrilling Croatia vs France final in 2018, we can't wait to see what the new tournament will bring! However, due to the harsh summer climate in Qatar, the 2022 FIFA World Cup starts a little later than what we're used to, so the waiting will be slightly prolonged this year. Luckily, in today's technologically advanced world, you don't need to worry about the weather or geographical location of your favorite sports events.

All you need is a reliable Virtual Private Network, and you can virtually join the tournament from nearly anywhere on the planet, from the comfort of your own home. The following VPNs are the best for the job.

  1. ExpressVPN - The #1 VPN for watching the FIFA World Cup 2024. Strong security features, servers everywhere, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  2. TIP

    In our testing we checked that all ExpressVPN plans work for Netflix. The one year plan is the best value: three months free and a 30 day risk-free trial.

  3. NordVPN - The best buy VPN for the FIFA World Cup 2024. You get myriad of features, chart-topping speeds, and thousands of servers for streaming.
  4. Private Internet Access - The most secure VPN for the 2024 FIFA World Cup. Robust encryption, a zero-logs policy proven in court, and a large server network.
  5. PrivateVPN - The best cheap VPN for the 2024 FIFA World Cup. You get advanced features like obfuscation (stealth servers) and SmartDNS functionality.
  6. Surfshark - A feature-rich VPN for the FIFA World Cup 2024. Offers slick apps, additional features, great speeds, and unlimited simultaneous connections.

The best VPNs for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, in-depth analysis

Tough choice? Here's a more in-depth analysis of the VPNs we recommend for watching the 2022 FIFA World Cup, to help you decide which one suits you the best.

1. ExpressVPN
Editor's Choice | July 2024

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for the FIFA World Cup 2024. It's super secure and lightning fast. Offers servers worldwide, and great customization for all your devices and OS.

  • Pricing

    • 12 months + 3 months FREE + Backblaze backup: $6.67/mth
      49% OFF
    • 6 months: $9.99/mth
    • 1 month: $12.95/mth
  • Pros

    • Impressive speeds for all your data-intensive tasks
    • Superb choice of protocols, including Lightway
    • Servers in every corner of the world
    • TrustedServers run in RAM-only
    • Great apps for all your devices
  • Cons

    • More expensive than the VPNs below
    • Only five simultaneous connections
    • Some IPv6 WebRTC leaks in Windows
  • Available on

    • Windows
    • macOS
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Linux
  • Unblocks

    • Netflix
    • iPlayer
    • Amazon Prime
    • Hulu
  • Website

ExpressVPN Demo

ExpressVPN Demo ExpressVPN Demo

ExpressVPN is our number one recommendation for streaming the FIFA World Cup worldwide. It's a VPN veteran with over 10 years of experience, which has proven its dedication to privacy and security time and again. This VPN unblocks a wealth of entertainment content from all around the world, including all major sports channels. Its speeds are consistent and always among the fastest on the market, so you can enjoy the smoothest matches, without lags or buffering. This VPN is more pricey than our other recommendations below, but you get a full package of premium features and a service that never compromises on speed and security.

Stream, browse, play, and more

With thousands of servers in over 105 countries across the globe, ExpressVPN offers the greatest variety of connections for all your online activities. Simply connect to a server in the UK to stream the FIFA World Cup on BBC or ITV, or to one of the many US servers to access FoxSports or Telemundo, and you're all set.

These servers are among the fastest in the industry, too! I always choose ExpressVPN when I have a tight schedule, and I want to stream or browse something within seconds and without interruptions. Its auto-connect feature makes your connections even faster by automatically connecting your device to the VPN whenever joining an "untrusted" network. A VPN service as fast as this is also ideal for gamers, because, no one, especially not gamers, like it when their online security comes at a price of degraded speed.

ExpressVPN handles HD streaming with ease and can even prevent ISP throttling, enhancing your overall FIFA World Cup experience in places where ISP deliberately slows down your internet. Not only that, but it can bypass the information flow restrictions in countries with strong internet censorship, or, for example, in schools, and at work. So, with ExpressVPN, you can even circumvent the great firewall of China and access Twitter, WhatsApp, and Facebook when on a vacation or a conference there (or in some other restrictive country) and stay in touch with the latest sports news. P2P is enabled as well, so you can use this VPN to secure your downloads if you prefer torrenting over streaming – making it a true all-in-one VPN.

Security titan

Speaking of security, ExpressVPN is hard to beat in this area! It keeps your streaming, browsing, and torrenting sessions secure with military-grade 256-bit AES encryption. This ensures nobody keeps track of your activities online, and protects you from ISP and government spying.

You can also switch between VPN protocols, based on your needs. For instance, OpenVPN is suitable for anyone whose number one priority is online security and privacy, and Lightway is perfect if you wish to further enhance your VPN speeds during the FIFA World Cup. Lightway is based on WireGuard and so, besides being secure, it's super lightweight and quick. Standard IKEv2 protocol is also available and it's well-suited for your mobile devices.

ExpressVPN may not be as cheap as some other VPNs on this list, however, it embeds all of its premium features in a single subscription. You get a kill-switch to prevent data leaks if your VPN connection drops. Obfuscated (stealth) servers that enable you to stream/browse more anonymously are available on every continent. Plus, you can try split tunneling and see what happens when you separate your local traffic (online banking) from your VPN traffic (streaming, gaming, and torrenting).

Premium service for all your devices

ExpressVPN sticks to its zero-logs policy, which it has proven through a couple of independent audits. So if you're looking for a service that's highly reliable and transparent, ExpressVPN may be just the right choice for you.

It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux devices. You can also use this VPN with routers and gaming consoles, connecting up to five devices simultaneously. This may be less than some of its competitors, but it's still enough to secure the most important devices at your home. It's worth mentioning as well that ExpressVPN is easy to use, despite all its advanced functionalities.

The 24/7 customer service is available via live chat or email which can be very reassuring, especially if you're new to VPNs. You can also test it with its 30-day money-back guarantee and see for yourself if this is the best service for you. Considering the length of the tournament this year, you can even use this grace period and watch the entire FIFA World Cup for free.

NordVPN is the best-buy VPN for streaming the FIFA World Cup 2024. It offers cutting-edge features, blazing speeds, and it has been publicly audited – twice.

  • Pricing

    • 24 months + 3 months FREE: $3.69/mth
      70% OFF
    • 12 months: $4.99/mth
      59% OFF
    • 1 month: $11.99/mth
  • Pros

    • Accepts crypto currencies for more anonymous payments
    • Lightning-fast, perfect for streaming
    • Jam-packed with features
    • Audited no-logs policy
  • Cons

    • Allows fewer simultaneous connections than the VPNs below
    • No port-forwarding, not ideal for torrenters
    • Mac apps are missing some features
  • Available on

    • Windows
    • macOS
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Linux
  • Unblocks

    • Netflix
    • iPlayer
    • Amazon Prime
    • Hulu
  • Website

Nord Demo

Nord Demo Nord Demo

NordVPN is an incredibly well-rounded VPN provider based in Panama – a country that's very respectful of users' privacy. It's also one of the fastest VPNs, so you won't miss a second of this year's FIFA World Cup. You get plenty of customizations, but its apps are quite intuitive and won't intimidate you with overly techy functions. I frequently recommend this VPN to new VPN users, and people who are after a hustle-free VPN experience in general.

No slowing down

Admittedly, NordVPN has fewer server locations than ExpressVPN, but its server network is still quite impressive. Thousands of fast servers across 111 countries worldwide, means you'll never run out of choice for geo-hopping and stable VPN connections. NordVPN also beats even the most stubborn restrictions and allows six simultaneous connections, so the whole family can have fun, regardless if you are a sports fan or not.

When it comes to speed, NordVPN never disappoints either. I regularly use it with popular streaming platforms like Netflix and HBO Max, and I've never encountered buffering or lags, even when streaming in HD.

Streaming on channels like SBS, Sky Sports, and beIN Sports will, therefore, be a piece of cake for this VPN. The same goes for your other data-intensive tasks like torrenting and gaming – there's no slowing down with NordVPN.

Privacy leader

When somebody mentions a VPN, most people instantly think of NordVPN. One reason NordVPN is so popular is that it offers an extensive suite of advanced privacy features at a reasonable price. For a start, it applies robust 256-bit AES encryption, making your traffic unreadable to ISP, government, and other snoopers. The service supports a variety of protocols, including OpenVPN protocol, a trusted and tested option, and NordLynx, which is a somewhat speedier option, based on WireGuard.

NordVPN's kill-switch is enabled by default, which is great because your data gets protected from leaks automatically, even if your VPN connection drops. This saves you the time of having to search through settings manually. However, you can customize this feature to specify which apps and platforms it should apply to. Other advanced features, such as DoubleVPN (which changes your IP address twice a row) and DNS leak protection further enhance your privacy when watching the FIFA World Cup.

NordVPN has shown that it's serious about its no-logs claim when it invited a third-party auditing company to examine its privacy policy and data logging practices (twice). It has proven on both occasions that it has no intentions of collecting any user connection or traffic logs – which is the exact dedication and transparency I like to see in a VPN provider. NordVPN even accepts cryptocurrency payments, which gives you the chance of staying completely anonymous.

Perfect for beginners

NordVPN is compatible with all platforms, but that's not the best part. Its apps are all slick and easy to use, with a super convenient interactive server map for picking connections. Besides, you get access to its amazing customer support team, reachable 24/7 through email and live chat. So don't hesitate to ask for help, should you have questions or in case you face some issues.

Still not convinced that NordVPN is the best value-for-money VPN on the market? Test it with its 30-day money-back guarantee and then decide.

Private Internet Access is the most secure VPN for streaming the FIFA World Cup 2024 worldwide. Military-grade encryption, a privacy policy that has been proven in court, and a great server network.

  • Pricing

    • 24 months + 2 months FREE: $2.19/mth
      82% OFF
    • 6 months: $7.5/mth
      38% OFF
    • 1 month: $11.95/mth
  • Pros

    • Generous 10 simultaneous connections
    • Court-proven zero-logs policy
    • Very secure and very cheap
  • Cons

    • Not as feature rich as some other VPNs on this list
    • Based in the US
    • Slower than NordVPN
  • Available on

    • Windows
    • macOS
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Linux
  • Unblocks

    • Netflix
    • iPlayer
    • Amazon Prime
    • Hulu
  • Website

PIA Demo

PIA Demo PIA Demo

Private Internet Access (PIA) is the most reputable VPN from the US that has been around for over 10 years. PIA is popular worldwide, especially among Reddit users, who love it because it does a great job speed and security-wise, and at a price that suits every pocket. The fact that its zero-logs privacy policy has been proven in court is another great plus. And of course, PIA will unblock your favorite sports channels from abroad in a blink of an eye, so you can access your existing accounts (or, if necessary, create a new one) from nearly any corner of the world.

Tens of thousands of servers for streaming

With tens of thousands of servers worldwide and a domestic focus on its US locations, Private Internet Access is one of the best options for US citizens streaming sports events worldwide. Those servers are well dispersed across 84 countries , and their number keeps growing – so no matter where in the world you find yourself during the Cup, you'll have excellent coverage.

Not only does it unblock all the major US and international sports channels from abroad, but PIA also works efficiently with all the major entertainment platforms like BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and Disney+. Thanks to its consistent speeds, PIA is also great for gamers, many of them reporting that it even reduces the ping.

On top of servers optimized for speed and security, with this VPN, you get P2P support and port-forwarding, making it ideal for torrenters as well. You'll be able to download files securely and in privacy, without your ISP slowing you down or spying on your activities.

Secure to its core

Only a few VPN companies can say that they are truly open-source, and PIA is one of them. Its software is open for anyone's inspection, which shows PIA has nothing to hide. But don't worry, regardless of the company's progressive views on privacy and advanced features, this VPN only takes a moment to run.

OpenVPN protocol is set by default and it's very secure, so chances are you won't even need its advanced menus until you're fully ready (or curious) to explore them. However, if you wish to try better speeds for streaming the FIFA World Cup, you can easily switch to the WireGuard protocol in the main menu.

AES 256-bit encryption, in combination with features like a kill-switch and obfuscation (stealth servers), keeps your sensitive information cloaked and away from prying eyes. And, while privacy purists may be skeptical about PIA's US headquarters (a country that's home to the CIA and NSA), PIA has proven on multiple occasions that it's trustworthy. In the past, whenever the authorities asked the VPN company to hand over its user data, PIA has left them empty-handed – proving that it's true to its zero-logs policy and it keeps no user logs.

Excellent cross-platform compatibility

PIA offers fully featured apps for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices, and it even has a native GUI for Linux – while most VPNs still offer the command line only for this OS. Furthermore, you get phenomenal browser extensions for Chrome and Opera, you can use it on gaming consoles, and it's compatible with Smart TVs. This is just perfect for streaming the FIFA World Cup, because you can change your virtual location on your smart TV directly and enjoy football on a bigger screen.

You get up to 10 simultaneous connections, 24/7 customer service, and a 30-day money-back guarantee – which is all very generous from PIA. Not to mention its small price tag and multiple payment options, including cryptocurrency and gift cards. In my opinion, this VPN has really gone out of the way to make its users happy, and it's definitely worth giving it a try.

PrivateVPN is the cheapest VPN for watching the 2024 FIFA World Cup on this list. Nonetheless, this VPN is very private, and it offers 10 simultaneous connections.

  • Pricing

    • 36 months: $2/mth
      84% OFF
    • 3 months: $6/mth
      50% OFF
    • 1 month: $9.99/mth
      17% OFF
  • Pros

    • Incredibly cheap for the privacy levels it offers
    • Works with Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime
    • Easy to use
  • Cons

    • Fewer servers than most VPNs on this list
    • Slower than ExpressVPN and NordVPN
    • No WireGuard protocol
  • Available on

    • Windows
    • macOS
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Linux
  • Unblocks

    • Netflix
    • iPlayer
    • Amazon Prime
    • Hulu
  • Website

PrivateVPN Demo

PrivateVPN Demo PrivateVPN Demo

PrivateVPN is a great all-around service based in Sweden. This VPN owns its whole data center infrastructure, thanks to which it has full control over its systems. Along with this, it offers a strict zero-logs policy, so your digital footprint becomes almost nonexistent. PrivateVPN's growing network of servers, on the other hand, ensures excellent geo-spoofing potential for all your online activities, including watching the FIFA World Cup.

Get more (content) for less (money)

PrivateVPN's server network is somewhat smaller than those of the rest of the providers on the list, but don't get misled by the numbers. This VPN is perfectly capable of accessing nearly any sports streaming channel you can think of, and it works with all the major streaming platforms without exceptions – Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime.

Besides, its server network is constantly growing, and this VPN invests a lot in innovations and advanced tools. My streaming experience with PrivateVPN has always been smooth. You don't have to fear sluggish downloads or buffering when streaming live sport, because you get no data caps or bandwidth limitations. This is all very impressive, especially for a VPN that's so cheap it's almost free (it costs less than $2 a month).

Privacy for everyone

Another thing that's great to see is that a VPN this affordable offers OpenVPN protocol. This means that almost everyone nowadays gets the opportunity to secure their connections with battle-tested software (that's also super quick).

OpenVPN, as its name suggests, is an open-source project, so anyone can comb through it to verify its security. It's worth mentioning that other VPN protocols are available too – L2TP, IPsec, and IKEv2. It's explained in detail on the website what each of them does, so feel free to make your own choice.

Like most of the VPNs on this list, PrivateVPN offers stealth servers and a kill-switch to protect you from snooping and data leaks. An auto-connect feature is also there to make your life easier by automatically reconnecting you to the VPN as soon as possible! The only major improvement I'd like to see in the future is PrivateVPN investing in an independent public audit because this would really cement its privacy claims.

All the help you need

PrivateVPN is one of my top recommendations for all VPN novices because its apps install quickly, its interface is very intuitive, and its menus can be navigated in just a few clicks. The service is compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux, though the command-line app is only available for Linux users. However, I am sure that whoever is using Linux OS, won't have a problem inserting a couple of extra lines of code to get the VPN started.

PrivateVPN allows up to 10 simultaneous connections, which should satisfy even the most tech-savvy customers. A 30-day money-back guarantee is there to put this VPN through its paces and 24/7 customer support is available should you come across any difficulties along the way.

Surfshark is a beginner-friendly VPN for watching the FIFA World Cup 2024. It's among the fastest VPNs on the market, with intuitive apps and unlimited connections.

  • Pricing

    • 24 months + 3 months FREE: $2.19/mth
      86% OFF
    • 12 months + 3 months FREE: $2.79/mth
      82% OFF
    • 1 month: $15.45/mth
  • Pros

    • Blazing fast service and plenty of servers to choose from
    • CleanWeb protects you from malware, annoying adds, and pop-ups
    • Highly customizable apps for all your devices
  • Cons

    • One-month subscription is not cheap
    • Lacks port forwarding
    • Fewer server locations than ExpressVPN and PIA
  • Available on

    • Windows
    • macOS
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Linux
  • Unblocks

    • Netflix
    • iPlayer
    • Amazon Prime
    • Hulu
  • Website

Surfshark Demo

Surfshark Demo Surfshark Demo

Ever since it showed up on the VPN scene, Surfshark keeps making big splashes. Its servers and features kept cropping up, and its geo-hopping capabilities became first class. Surfshark also regularly takes a very high spot in our speed tests, which is all quite impressive, especially for the service which has emerged so recently (in 2018).

Amazing speeds and coverage

With thousands of super-fast servers optimized for streaming across 100 countries around the world, Surfshark is a splendid choice for streaming the FIFA World Cup 2024. Besides, this VPN is beginner-friendly and affordable, and it offers unlimited simultaneous connections. So, your family members who aren't exactly sports fans can watch something completely different under the same account – Surfshark works with Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, and any other entertainment platform you can think of.

Not only are Surfshark's speeds consistently chart-topping, but the company's RAM-only servers are super secure as well – data on them gets entirely wiped each time these servers are switched off. In other words, Surfshark can never give away your sensitive information – simply because it stores none. Its SmartDNS service is another pro reason for choosing this VPN because it enables you to stream live sport on your TV. Just keep in mind that SmartDNS on its own won't encrypt your traffic the same way a VPN would!

VPN and more

Robust AES 256-bit encryption to keep you and your devices protected from hackers and snoops; OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard protocol for more customized encryption; as well as the Shadowsocks proxy (super useful for users in countries with heavy internet restrictions) – Surfshark has it all. On top of this bulletproof protection, you get many great additional features, including:

Finally, Surfshark's zero-logs policy has been verified by a third-party audit, which is another reason to trust this provider and its privacy claims.

Truly unlimited service

Surfshark is one of the very few VPN providers that doesn’t limit your simultaneous connections – pretty awesome, right? You can forget all about connecting and disconnecting new devices and just enjoy the service. Surfshark also provides great cross-platform compatibility, seeing as you can use it with all your mobile and desktop devices, and even with your smart TVs and consoles.

What's more, Mac, iOS, and Android users can try it before they buy it with its seven-day free trial, and everybody else can take advantage of its 30-day money-back guarantee! Surfshark never applies dubious payment strategies and it will even send you an email before your trial period expires – to protect you from inadvertent charges.

How to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 with a VPN?

VPN is a powerful tool that encrypts your data, changes your IP address, and bypasses geo-blocking. This may sound like some advanced technology, especially for VPN newbies. However, in reality, all you need to do is follow these easy steps, and you'll safely stream the 2022 FIFA World Cup in no time.

  1. Choose a VPN that works with all major sports streaming channels. We recommend ExpressVPN because it's fast, super secure, and it works every time.
  2. Download and install the VPN software/app on your device.
  3. Connect to a VPN server in the country in which you have your sports channel subscriptions. This will change your IP address and make it seem like you're there.
  4. Go to your favorite sports streaming platform. You can now enjoy the FIFA World Cup on your regular account even from abroad, without paying for new subscriptions each time.

Where to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 online?

As expected, most official international sports channels will broadcast the immensely popular FIFA World Cup 2022 live. Among major international channels, FOX network and FS1 will broadcast the matches in the English language, and Telemundo will cover the Spanish-speaking territories.

Plenty of legal streaming services will also show this year's tournament, including BBC iPlayer, Sling TV, Peacock TV, Vidgo, fubo TV, and YouTube TV – so most likely you'll be able to use your current subscriptions and join the football hype. Unfortunately, some of these channels won't be able to stream the full matches live, so you may also want to check your local/national broadcasters.

Below, you can find the instructions for watching the FIFA World Cup in countries whose teams are front-runners and where this tournament is commonly watched. If you're unsure how, check our instructions above.

How to watch the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Brazil and Argentina?

Experts predict that this could finally be the year when a Southern American country could win the FIFA World Cup trophy again – after 20 years of waiting. Brazil and Argentina have started their first warm-up meetings strongly, and millions of fans are expecting them to achieve great things in Qatar.

If you're among them, visit

Even if you're currently outside of these countries, you can use a VPN and safely watch these channels from anywhere. If you're unsure how, go back to our four-step instructions above.

How to watch the 2022 FIFA World Cup in France?

Believe it or not, four years have already passed since France won the last FIFA World Cup, after defeating Croatia in the final. Could lightning strike twice and this time on Qatari ground? French people are optimistic, especially after the team recently won the UEFA Nations League. For anyone in France curious to see the outcome of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, you can watch it on the following online platforms and channels:

Where to watch the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Spain?

Finishing first in their qualifying group with 19 points, Spain is among this year's favorites too. After their disappointing exit in the last-16 stage of the 2018 competition, the new team of young and promising players has been composed and they are off to a great start. They recently became the first team in European Championship history to score five goals in two consecutive games. Will luck be on their side during the FIFA World Cup 2022? You can follow their progress on the following channels.

RTVE Play service is free but, because of geo-restrictions, it may be inaccessible to you outside of Spain. However, you can always use a VPN to access it when you travel abroad.

Where to watch the 2022 FIFA World Cup in the UK?

After finishing second at Euro 2020, the England team has high hopes of replicating that form again at the FIFA World Cup 2022. England haven’t won the title since 1966, but now, with a squad that includes some excellent young players, and having finished first in their qualifying group (with 26 points), anything seems possible. Will 2022 be the year for England? Or perhaps Wales might spring a surprise? You can find out live on these channels.

Both of the above streaming platforms will require you to register, but this will only take a few moments, and after that, you can watch both live matches and videos of games that you missed.

How to watch the 2022 FIFA World Cup in the US?

The US men’s team hasn't delivered on the main stage for a while now (as opposed to the women’s team that regularly ranks first in the world). However, the sport is widely watched across the US, mostly on these channels.

Alternatively, you can create or use your existing accounts to stream games on:

What are this year's FIFA World Cup groups?

If you still haven't had the chance to familiarize yourself with this year’s groups, here they are.

  • Group A

Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, and Netherlands

  • Group B

England, Iran, USA, and Wales

  • Group C

Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Poland

  • Group D

France, Australia, Denmark, and Tunisia

  • Group E

Spain, Costa Rica, Germany, and Japan

  • Group F

Belgium, Canada, Morocco, and Croatia

  • Group G

Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, and Cameroon

  • Group H

Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay, and Korea Republic

The FIFA World Cup 2022 schedule

Here's a brief schedule of the tournament’s main stages. If you wish to find out about individual matches in more detail, keep scrolling.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup Schedule

21st November – 2nd December

Group matches

3rd – 6th December

Round of 16

9th – 10th December


13th – 14th December


17th December

Third-place play-offs

18th December

FIFA 2022 World Cup final

FIFA World Cup 2022 fixtures

And, here are all the FIFA World Cup 2022 matches, along with dates, timings, and group info.

Date Time Match Group
2022-11-20 17:00 CET Qatar vs. Ecuador A
2022-11-21 14:00 CET England vs. Iran A
2022-11-21 17:00 CET Senegal vs. Netherlands B
2022-11-21 20:00 CET United States vs. Wales B
2022-11-22 11:00 CET Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia C
2022-11-22 14:00 CET Denmark vs. Tunisia D
2022-11-22 17:00 CET Mexico vs. Poland C
2022-11-22 20:00 CET France vs. Australia D
2022-11-23 11:00 CET Morocco vs. Croatia F
2022-11-23 14:00 CET Germany vs. Japan E
2022-11-23 17:00 CET Spain vs. Costa Rica F
2022-11-23 20:00 CET Belgium vs. Canada E
2022-11-24 11:00 CET Switzerland vs. Cameroon G
2022-11-24 14:00 CET Uruguay vs. South Korea H
2022-11-24 17:00 CET Portugal vs. Ghana G
2022-11-24 20:00 CET Brazil vs. Serbia H
2022-11-25 11:00 CET Wales vs. Iran B
2022-11-25 14:00 CET Qatar vs. Senegal A
2022-11-25 17:00 CET Netherlands vs. Ecuador A
2022-11-25 20:00 CET England vs. United States B
2022-11-26 11:00 CET Australia vs. Tunisia D
2022-11-26 14:00 CET Poland vs. Saudi Arabia C
2022-11-26 17:00 CET France vs. Denmark D
2022-11-26 20:00 CET Argentina vs. Mexico C
2022-11-27 11:00 CET Japan vs. Costa Rica E
2022-11-27 14:00 CET Belgium vs. Morocco F
2022-11-27 17:00 CET Croatia vs. Canada F
2022-11-27 20:00 CET Spain vs. Germany E
2022-11-28 11:00 CET Cameroon vs. Serbia G
2022-11-28 14:00 CET South Korea vs. Ghana G
2022-11-28 17:00 CET Brazil vs. Switzerland H
2022-11-28 20:00 CET Portugal vs. Uruguay H
2022-11-29 16:00 CET Netherlands vs. Qatar A
2022-11-29 16:00 CET Ecuador vs. Senegal A
2022-11-29 20:00 CET Wales vs. England B
2022-11-29 20:00 CET Iran vs. United States B
2022-11-30 16:00 CET Tunisia vs. France D
2022-11-30 16:00 CET Australia vs. Denmark D
2022-11-30 20:00 CET Poland vs. Argentina C
2022-11-30 20:00 CET Saudi Arabia vs. Mexico C
2022-12-01 16:00 CET Croatia vs. Belgium F
2022-12-01 16:00 CET Canada vs. Morocco F
2022-12-01 20:00 CET Japan vs. Spain E
2022-12-01 20:00 CET Costa Rica vs. Germany E
2022-12-02 16:00 CET South Korea vs. Portugal G
2022-12-02 16:00 CET Ghana vs. Uruguay G
2022-12-02 20:00 CET Cameroon vs. Brazil H
2022-12-02 20:00 CET Serbia vs. Switzerland H
2022-12-03 16:00 CET Group A winner vs Group B runner-up  
2022-12-03 20:00 CET Group C winner vs Group D runner-up  
2022-12-04 16:00 CET Group D winner vs Group C runner-up  
2022-12-04 20:00 CET Group B winner vs Group A runner-up  
2022-12-05 16:00 CET Group E winner vs Group F runner-up  
2022-12-05 20:00 CET Group G winner vs Group H runner-up  
2022-12-06 16:00 CET Group F winner vs Group E runner-up  
2022-12-06 20:00 CET Group H winner vs Group G runner-up  
2022-12-09 16:00 CET Quarter-finals match 1  
2022-12-09 20:00 CET Quarter-finals match 2  
2022-12-10 16:00 CET Quarter-finals match 3  
2022-12-10 20:00 CET Quarter-finals match 4  
2022-12-13 20:00 CET Semi-finals match 1  
2022-12-14 20:00 CET Semi-finals match 2  
2022-12-17 16:00 CET Semi-finals match 3  
2022-12-18 16:00 CET FIFA 2022 World Cup final  

Can I use a free VPN to stream the 2022 FIFA World Cup?

Imagine the worst streaming experience you ever had. Now multiply that by two and you'll get a close idea of what to expect from a free VPN service if you decide to use one for streaming the FIFA World Cup 2022. Don't get me wrong, there are some excellent free VPN providers to come to the rescue with your urgent online tasks (minor ones) and casual browsing. But, when it comes to online activities as demanding as streaming, paid VPNs are always a much better choice.

These are the main reasons I almost never recommend free VPNs for data-intensive tasks:

  • They cap your data – free services usually come with only a limited amount of download data, which is usually far from sufficient for streaming.
  • Limited bandwidth – most of them have to cap your connection speeds to prevent congestion on their networks. This will make your internet too slow to watch live sport.
  • Scarce servers – as opposed to major paid VPNs that provide you with thousands of fast servers worldwide, free VPNs offer you only a few server options, causing further congestion and slowing you down.
  • Poor geo-hopping capabilities – what's more, those few servers you get with free services usually aren't strategically well-placed or powerful enough to unblock your favorite sports channels from abroad.
  • They lack customer support – imagine missing a long-awaited match because of the technical issues with your VPN, which you tried to troubleshoot yourself over and over again. Most premium VPNs have a professional 24/7 support team, so their customers never find themselves in such a frustrating situation.

A good VPN doesn't have to cost an arm and leg either. Plenty of VPNs we recommend are actually cheap and highly suitable for anyone on a tight budget. When you're looking for a VPN, don't search for a cheap or an expensive one, choose a provider that offers good value for money and meets most of your criteria. Sometimes paying a dollar or two for an extra feature you need can save you a greater amount of money in the long run.

Who's hosting the next FIFA World Cup?

The next World Cup will take place during the summer of 2026 in a few different locations across the Americas – the US, Canada, and Mexico. Among the host cities in the US, we'll have – Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Miami, New York/New Jersey, Philadelphia, and the San Francisco Bay area. In Mexico, matches will be played in Guadalajara, Mexico City, and Monterrey, plus, we'll also have Toronto and Vancouver host games in Canada. The 2026 FIFA World Cup Final will take place in The MetLife Stadium in New York/New Jersey. 

In the meantime, let's remind ourselves of the best VPNs for the World Cup.

From $6.67/month

The #1 VPN for watching the FIFA World Cup 2024. Strong security features, servers everywhere, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

ProPrivacy TrustScore:
10 out of 10
Simultaneous connections
Server locations
Free trial

From $3.69/month

The best buy VPN for the FIFA World Cup 2024. You get myriad of features, chart-topping speeds, and thousands of servers for streaming.

ProPrivacy TrustScore:
9.9 out of 10
Simultaneous connections
Free trial
Server locations

From $2.19/month

The most secure VPN for the 2024 FIFA World Cup. Robust encryption, a zero-logs policy proven in court, and a large server network.

ProPrivacy TrustScore:
9.8 out of 10
Simultaneous connections
Server locations
Free trial

From $2.00/month

The best cheap VPN for the 2024 FIFA World Cup. You get advanced features like obfuscation (stealth servers) and SmartDNS functionality.

ProPrivacy TrustScore:
9.7 out of 10
Simultaneous connections
Server locations
Free trial

From $2.19/month

A feature-rich VPN for the FIFA World Cup 2024. Offers slick apps, additional features, great speeds, and unlimited simultaneous connections.

ProPrivacy TrustScore:
9.6 out of 10
Simultaneous connections
Server locations
Free trial

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Written by: Danka Delić

With her BA in English Language and Literature, Private Pilot Licence, and passion for researching and writing, Danka brings further diversity to the team. As a former world traveler, she learned to appreciate cyber security and the necessity for digital privacy. Danka is a nature, animal, and written-word lover. She enjoys staying on the go, both mentally and physically, and spends most of her free time either reading or hiking with her dog.


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