How to view and delete browsing history in Chrome on a PC (Windows)

This article explains how to view and clear your browsing history (the web cache, cookies, saved passwords and more) in Chrome on Windows.

You can easily remove all or some of your browsing history that Chrome saves on your computer as you browse the Internet. You may want to do this, especially if you are using a shared computer.

Here is how:

How to view Chrome history

Viewing your history helps you find the web pages that you have visited.

On your Windows computer, open the Chrome app then select More

click google chrome options

Select History > History (or press CTRL – H). 

click on history within options

You can also see your full history. 

this will show your search history

You can also search your history

there is a search box to look for your history

How to delete search history in Chrome

  1. Launch Chrome
  2. Click History (or press CTRL - SHIFT - DELETE)
  3. Select History
  4. Select clear browsing data
  5. A new pop-up window will appear. You may choose to clear: ‘the past hour’, ‘the past day’, ‘the past week’, ‘the last 4 weeks’ and ‘the beginning of time’. You can also choose what to delete: “Browsing History”, “Download History”, “Cookies” Cached Images and Files”, “Passwords”, “Autofill Form Data”, “Hosted App Data” and “Media Licenses”. After your selections, click Clear Browsing Data to delete.

when deleting search history it will show you what to delete

How to delete a specific site from your history

  1. Open Chrome
  2. Select History > History
  3. To delete specific sites, select a site from the list

deleting a specific site

4. Click Remove Selected Items. 

remove selected items

If you are interested, we did the same type of posts also for Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari and Firefox. Check them out if you need to delete the browser history from those browsers as well.

If privacy is a subject of interest for you, we recommend taking a look at some VPNs that will allow you to truly have privacy when being online.

Written by: Sean McGrath

Sean McGrath is Editor of An experienced investigative journalist, writer and editor, he has worked for some of the world's best-known IT publications including the ComputerWeekly, PCPro, TechWeekEurope & InformationWeek. He regularly comments on industry matters for the likes of Forbes, Silicon, iTWire, Cyber Defense Magazine & Android Headlines.


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