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South Koreans turn to VPNs ahead of online censorship

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Turkey's citizens turn to VPN technology to overcome widespread censorship ahead of election ban

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Russians and Iranians turn to VPNS to beat Telegram Ban

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Uganda turn to VPNS to avoid social media tax

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Heaven for Hackers

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Scanning every person’s face as they enter a store in order to single out shoplifters may be effective, but it also raises concerns about how the data is being stored and for how long.

Anybody in the UK that receives a text message purporting to be from a delivery service must remember that it could be a scam and that they should never follow any links contained in SMS messages or provide their information to the sender.

Zoom users need to wary of the latest Zoom phishing scam currently circulating. The scam tricks users into following a false link, either in an email, text or WhatsApp message stating that their Zoom account has been suspended.

Hinge will comply with authorities to assist in the prevention or detection of crime…or to protect the safety of any person. This can obviously be a good thing, if, say, someone’s life, or national security, is at risk. But Hinge has “no say over what the warrant is about.

It could well be that [in some cases, charities] are not even fully aware of the trackers they have on their sites.

Never input your bank or card information after following a link on any emails that claims it is from the Royal Mail, because it will result in your card details being stolen by criminals.

This will allow hackers to communicate with a command and control server to install secondary exploits such as keyloggers. It is important for consumers across the UK to be alert to the possibility that they too could receive bogus cold calls to fix an issue with their Amazon Prime account ahead of Black Friday

As with Snapchat, the recipient of a message could take a screenshot, which would enable them to store that message indefinitely.

As with Snapchat, the recipient of a message could take a screenshot, which would enable them to store that message indefinitely.

It's not unsurprising that huge numbers of people around the UK have fallen for fake news surrounding the reopening of Woolworths. The brand was a much-loved part of UK shopping history.

Hopefully, the Toobin case will encourage other users to check they know and understand the core Zoom functions to ensure they don’t find themselves in a similar situation.

Those entering their credit card information into a compromised payment page would really have no idea that they were handing their card details over to cybercriminals because these malicious payment pages are designed to appear perfectly legitimate

Public wifi is typically left unsecured and represents an attractive target for hackers

The app is potentially cutting out a large percentage of would-be users, including the particularly vulnerable older generation, as well as those on low-incomes.

Anybody who finds that they have received a message containing a long string of random characters is advised to login to WhatsApp Web to block the sender, delete the message, and alter their group privacy settings.

Regulators in Germany are right to question the legality of this move, consumers should be allowed to own a device without linking it to Facebook

These latest blocks reveal that the government is ramping up its efforts to control the flow of ideas on the internet.

The chances that Google could be influenced by the US government in order to take down content it doesn’t agree with is concerning, and it is important to consider who gets to decide what is taken down and why.

Anybody who receives an unexpected package needs to be aware that their data is being misused by the seller.

It is vitally important for any BDA user affected to remain on alert and be careful not to provide any information to anyone unfamiliar to them that may be requesting it.

With Brexit looming and a lack of trade deals in place, The UK appears to be scrambling to repaid relations with China wherever possible.

The Russia report finally published today by the UK government confirms what cybersecurity experts have been calling attention to for many years – that the Russian government and its state-employed hackers are engaging in active cyber warfare against the West

With the stakes so high, and the punishments so severe, it is great news to see big tech companies like WhatsApp pushing back in favor of democracy and freedom of expression.

Digital rights group ProPrivacy called Facebook’s move “a win for both digital privacy and human rights in the region”.

Tomaschek states that although it took Apple nine days after the discovery of the bug to patch it, the company did take action and [publicly acknowledge] and [resolve] the issue.

The sad reality is that people’s contact details could potentially be inappropriately handled by pub staff, opening consumers up to all kinds of privacy and security risks, including the potential of stalking or other unwanted criminal activities

If the police cannot trust this scheme to safely handle their data, then why should we?

The Chinese government is taking advantage of the pandemic and stepping up its attempts to enforce control over the region.

Anybody who has ever purchased an EasyJet flight is advised to be extremely wary when opening emails from now on.

Most of the nine million easyJet customers hacked appear to have only emails and travel details exposed - although this is still extremely problematic.

It is important for customers to be vigilant whenever they receive unsolicited emails or emails that appear to be from EasyJet, as these could be fake emails which link to cloned websites designed to steal your data.

Someone could use information about your weight and where you were shopping to sell you diet pills. There can be a real dark side to this.

If they want to turn the tide of big companies and government moving away from using Zoom, it is going to take more than superficial fixes such as enforced passwords.

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 there has been a 400 percent upswing in online scams geared at stealing people's Personally Identifiable Information and financial details.

Anybody tagged in one of these "just for fun" questionnaires via social media sites like Facebook is reminded that filling in those forms is a truly awful idea.

As calls on the platform are secured using end-to-end encryption, outsourcing AI-processing of missing packets in order to reduce audio jitters was simply not an option for developers.

Anybody who decides to use the Houseparty application to stay in contact during quarantine needs to be aware that the app collects a worrying amount of personal information.

These kinds of provisions are far-reaching surveillance expansions that individual users ought to be informed about directly before and not after their personal data is collected.

Wherever the data is held, it is subject to the data laws of that jurisdiction. US privacy protections are far weaker than those afforded to the EU, meaning Google is likely just the first of the big tech giants to move UK consumer data stateside

In the physical world, we're often wary about strangers approaching us, but online we let our guard down.

Twitter suffering an incident regarding a network of fake accounts coordinating a mass exploit of their API to match phone numbers to Twitter profiles is extremely troubling.

The situation is particularly dire in countries where your sexual practices can get you in trouble with the law if the information gets into the wrong hands.

Government regulation is essential when it comes to the laws that bind the digital world. All too often, ‘big tech’ have proven that they are either unwilling, or incapable of self-regulating

These companies convince us to overshare. They convince us that the more information we put out there, the better the match we're going to get.

It is crucial to secure all your accounts with a strong and unique password, whether you are married to a footballer or not.

One of the main problems with 'smart cities' and facial recognition technology is the fact that it does have the potential to be used for these nefarious purposes.

The ability to use facial recognition to identify protesters will permit the [Hong Kong] government to track down dissidents and prosecute them once the dust settles.

From a privacy standpoint, alarm bells should be ringing when one company has a monopoly on our personal data.

Consumers who own a device that doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner are automatically going to be at higher risk

It’s also worth remembering before you send or respond to one of these messages, that anything you say in them can, and most likely will be shared publicly on Twitter.

This incident highlights that security teams at companies, especially those companies that handle highly sensitive consumer data as Monzo does, must do better to protect the integrity of that data.

If you allow your device to die each day, and charge the battery until 100 percent each night, your computer battery will only last for 500 days (less than two years).

At some point, we have to stop and ask ourselves whether the cost to our privacy are no longer outweighed by the benefits.

Persistent surveillance affects human behavior at a fundamental level. Our schools and universities have always been environments that promote academic exploration and nurture inquisitive minds.

The company's alleged ties to the Chinese government are enough to raise questions regarding the underlying motives of the company.

Congress’ attempt to crack down on the use of deepfakes is the first sign that legislators are acknowledging the dangers that this technology poses.

There's no reason why whoever bought this laptop couldn't go ahead, take that code, improve it, and come up with a brand new version.

GDPR strictly regulates the storage and collection of data around sexual orientation and behaviour but this is the very data a successful relationship robot would need to fulfill its function as a sexual partner.

Losing your master password could put all your accounts at risk. You should use two-factor authentication when accessing your password manager.

The concept of being able to sign in without using a real email address is a step in the right direction for consumers. Being able to sign in without sharing a real email address removes one crucial bit of data from those services' hands.

Zuckerberg’s announcement shows that he is willing to make whatever potential advertising and financial sacrifices need to be made in order to achieve his vision of a more private social networking platform.

A user-friendly and privacy-minded Facebook would put the power back in the hands of its users.

Nest’s failure to disclose the onboard microphone included in its secure home security system is a massive oversight.

A study by and Kaspersky Lab in 2018 revealed that pirated Game of Thrones episodes carry the highest risk of containing malware.

If you grant an app permission to access your contacts list, GPS data, pictures - or anything else - you must assume it is using that data

Millions of sports fans worldwide will descend onto the internet eagerly searching for a free stream. The result is every hacker’s dream., a UK-based service, said it had seen a 1,500% jump in VPN searches by Zimbabweans. reported a 1,560 percent surge in searches for Virtual Private Networks Monday and Tuesday

Unsecured smart home devices may actually be hiding potential 'danger'.

Responsibility is on parents to educate their children about online security risks.

Our reliance on technology and, as a consequence, our digital footprints, are growing at an exponential rate.

A survey by UK-based VPN price comparison and review site has revealed the state of online privacy in the US.

Hackers are increasingly turning to pirated episodes of popular TV shows as a vehicle to deliver malicious software, according to new research released Sept. 26 from antivirus vendor Kapersky Lab and U.K.-based website reported a 1,600% increase in traffic to its website from Uganda on the day that the tax was introduced.

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