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How to delete all Tweets at once

Twitter can be a great place to go to stay on top of breaking news, interact with the world, get your daily meme fix, and to follow along as celebrity feuds break out in real-time. It also happens to be the #1 place on the internet to go to fire off random musings absentmindedly in 280 characters or fewer.


However, if you've ever been bored enough to take that virtual trip down memory lane and flick through your tweet history, you've likely cringed deeply, put your palm to your face, and slowly shook your head from side to side at more than just a few of those random micro-musings. The feeling of dispirited disbelief that you ever thought tweeting that was a good idea is powerful, and something that can really get you down on yourself.

But that's ok, it's common, and it's something that happens to the best of us. We must understand that nobody's perfect, and nobody's tweet history is perfect, either.

But we should still have the opportunity to wipe the slate clean, to not live in fear of being judged by our past tweets, however banal or however spirited they may have been. We should be able to protect our privacy on the platform and not put our reputations at the mercy of people who don't harbor the best of intentions and go digging through what we tweeted in the past for something – anything – to use against us in the present. We as humans change over time, we evolve and advance and we progress.

If we want to distance ourselves from anything embarrassing we've tweeted about in the past, start anew with a fresh Twitter timeline, or if we simply want to take steps to secure our online privacy and move forward with a more understated online presence, then we should be able to do so. We should be able to delete all of our tweets if we want to, for whatever the reason may be.

Twitter, unfortunately, doesn't make this easy. Sure, you can easily go to your profile and delete a single tweet here and there if you'd like. But Twitter will only allow you to delete a single tweet at one time. But what if you want to delete all your tweets?

How do you delete all of your tweets in one fell swoop?

If you've tweeted thousands of times, then Twitter's stingy one-tweet-at-a-time deletion allowance simply won't cut it and you could be sitting there for hours, days, weeks, and getting basically nowhere with your tweet-purging efforts. While it's certainly not at all in Twitter's interest to allow users to delete tweets en masse, it may very well be in your own best interest to do so, for whatever reason. If you want to delete all your tweets at once, you'll need to use a third-party application that will do for you what Twitter itself will not allow you to do.

Applications to delete your tweets

There are several such applications available the likes of TweetDelete, TwitWipe, TweetDeleter, TweetEraser, and various others with similar-sounding designations and with similar functionality. Which one you choose will depend on your personal needs, so it's worth it to do a little research into these applications before. Most of them will, however, offer a free tier that will allow you to delete up to 3,200 of your most recent tweets at one time. These restrictions are due to limitations in Twitter's API that only gives applications access to a user's 3,200 most recent tweets. If you have considerably more than 3,200 tweets that you'd like to delete, then you can opt for premium, paid access to a tweet deletion service that can perform a full delete of your entire tweet history if you provide the service with an archive of all your tweets. This will effectively circumvent Twitter's API limitations and allow you to delete an unlimited number of tweets at once.

Alternatively, you can stick with a free option that allows up to 3,200 tweet deletions at once and simply run that over and over again until you reach zero. But if you have hundreds of thousands of tweets that you want to get rid of, even this option can prove cumbersome. If this is the case and you've tweeted so many times that it is unfeasible to go through multiple rounds of deleting 3,200 tweets at a time, then you'll need to pay for premium access to one of these services.

If, however, you have posted in the vicinity of 3,200 tweets, then you should be fine with using one of these services for free. Keep in mind, though, that some free options like the one offered by TweetDeleter impose limits on the number of tweets you can delete in a day. TweetDeleter imposes a daily limit of 5 deletions per day on its free tier. TweetDelete (not to be confused with the aforementioned TweetDeleter) on the other hand, will let you delete up to the full 3,200 allowed by the Twitter API in one go, for free. So again, we'd recommend doing some research to see which one best fits your needs and your specific situation.

Whichever option you end up choosing in the end, you may (or may not) want to download an archive of your tweet history for your own records before dispatching all your unwanted tweets. To do this, go to your settings in your Twitter account and click on the option to "Download an archive of your data" and enter your Twitter password to complete the process. If you've paid for a service to delete more than 3,200 tweets at once, then you'll need to do this anyway, but if that's not the case, then it is entirely up to you if you want to download an archive of your tweet history.

Then, once you've completed the deletion process, you'll have the option to continue using your application of choice to delete tweets automatically, going forward at an interval of your choosing, or once your tweets reach a certain age. Of course, this means that you'd need to give the application continued access to your Twitter account, which can be a security risk and is something we wouldn't really recommend doing. Honestly, your best bet, in this case, would be to delete your old tweets periodically using these applications and only give them temporary access to your Twitter account, and only if or when you need to use them. This way you're not giving them perpetual access to your account, and you're also not on the hook for the monthly subscription fee. 

So, to recap, this is how to delete all your tweets in three easy steps:

  1. Download an archive of your Twitter data (required if deleting more than 3,200 tweets at a time, otherwise optional)
  2. Connect your Twitter account to your deletion app of choice and run the software according to the app's instructions and based on the parameters you set for what tweets specifically you want to delete (all tweets, tweets containing certain words or phrases, tweets from a set time period, etc.)
  3. Determine whether you want to continue using the service to delete tweets automatically going forward, or simply stop using the app and disconnect it from your Twitter account completely

Now that you know how to delete all your tweets, the ball is in your court. Go ahead and get your social media presence cleaned up, protect your privacy, and quit worrying about anyone ever again seeing what kinds of things your super-cool high school self thought were "fire" to tweet out to your 37 followers back in the day.  

Written by: Attila Tomaschek

Attila is a Hungarian-American currently living in Budapest. Being in the VPN game for over 5 years, along with his acute understanding of the digital privacy space enables him to share his expertise with ProPrivacy readers. Attila has been featured as a privacy expert in press outlets such as Security Week, Silicon Angle, Fox News, Reader’s Digest, The Washington Examiner, Techopedia, Disruptor Daily, DZone, and more. He has also contributed bylines for several online publications like SC Magazine UK, Legal Reader, ITProPortal, BetaNews, and Verdict.


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