Attila Tomaschek

Attila began writing for in 2018 after having been in the VPN industry for over 4 years. As an industry veteran, Attila has cultivated a deep understanding of how VPNs can help users unlock the internet and protect their privacy online. Attila is a staunch advocate for digital privacy and for a free and open internet, and various publications have asked him to provide expert comment on matters of digital privacy.

Attila honed his writing and research skills at Union College in New York State, from where he graduated with degrees in Cultural Anthropology and American History. He followed that by completing his MBA degree at Central European University in Budapest, Hungary. Prior to jumping into the VPN world and writing for, he wrote market analysis reports for a market intelligence and consultancy group in Budapest focusing on various business sectors within Central and Eastern Europe.

From an early age, Attila was fascinated by the power and unbounded potential of technology. With today’s rapid advancements in technology, however, he realized that with that power and potential comes the threat of very real privacy risks. Attila has made it his mission to investigate and analyze all matters of digital privacy, and to share his knowledge with others through his writing.

Articles Written

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