5 Best VPNs for Italy – Top VPNs for Speed & Security

Despite being a member of the European Union and subject to some of the world's leading privacy laws, you won't get privacy online without a VPN. Internet service providers (ISPs) and the government track your browsing habits constantly so you must encrypt your traffic with a VPN for Italy.

What's more, if you are having to self-isolate because of coronavirus, a VPN can help to alleviate boredom by letting you access geographically-restricted content such as Netflix, Hulu, Rai TV, or video repositories on Kodi. A VPN for Italy can also let you watch news from around the world on BBC iPlayer or on US TV channels. That means a VPN can give you added privacy, better online security, and more access to news and content.

Best VPNs For Italy

See our selection of VPNs that are best to use in Italy below.

  1. ExpressVPN - Fast connections| Apps for all platforms |24/7 live chat support
  2. CyberGhost VPN - Servers in 88 countries| Apps for all platforms |Easy to use
  3. Private Internet Access - No logs | Servers in 74 countries | Great value
  4. Surfshark - Low cost| Lots of features |Servers in 60+ counties
  5. VyprVPN - Servers in 70 countries| Apps for all platforms |Fully audited platform

Using a VPN in Italy: Considerations

Keep reading the points below to find out why using a VPN is important. We will highlight the effects that Italian laws have on your privacy and security.

Italian Freedom of the Press

Italy is a politically polarized country. A lot of the country’s news is skewed, and the breadth can be limited. That is concerning, particularly when people need honest information.

Unfortunately, news sources can become censored through the use of copyright and defamation laws.

Although most of this is because of remaining legislation from previous governments - it still creates problems today. To protect yourself against legal ramifications, we highly recommend using a VPN in Italy.

It will allow you to access restricted news and will protect you if you're publishing restricted content or blogging information that is critical of the state.


Autistici/Inventati is an Italian-based secure email provider that can help protect your private communications. This kind of secure email provider is essential because Italy is keen on wiretapping - and the government has the legal right to access personal information with no need for a warrant.

Leaving your data unencrypted is not a good idea under such circumstances. With a VPN, you can secure your communications and web browsing habits. However, because of pressure from the government, we recommend that you connect to a VPN server outside of Italy to be safe. This will ensure that the VPN server is not compromised by the government, which it might be if it is in Italy. 

The Italian government has enforced a massive crackdown on internet privacy rights and acts of copyright infringement, so much so that the US government praised them! There have been many cases of website takedowns for only minor infringements.

Some of these cases go against the right to a free press, and limit people’s access to wider news and dissenting opinions.


Defamation has also become a major issue, and in one particular case, a Facebook user was ordered to pay a fine for defaming her employer on her Facebook pages. This is serious censorship that is completely abhorrent to anybody who values freedom of speech.

These are just some issues that reveal why you need to worry about digital privacy, and why you should take extra precautions online.


There has recently been a slew of new anti-piracy laws that make file sharing and P2P much more difficult in Italy. Years ago, things were relatively lax and unregulated. Now, it seems, the pendulum is swinging further and further in the other direction.

See best VPNs for torrenting

New laws mean that the authorities don’t even need to hold a trial to block websites hosting or linking pirated content. And even though many internal groups, including ISPs, argued that the new legislation violated human rights, the new rulings were still passed. With a VPN, you can bypass those restrictions to regain access to content.

Italian VPN Servers

This article focuses on VPN providers who offer servers in Italy. However, using an Italian server is not ideal if privacy is your main reason for using VPN. This is because of strong copyright enforcement and surveillance issues (including mass surveillance of Italian communications by the NSA).

Privacy-minded users would be better to choose servers in Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Luxemburg, or Romania. Servers in nearby countries will help to minimize the amount of overhead and latency introduced to your internet connection - while letting you enjoy high levels of privacy.

Watch Rai TV Outside of Italy

You can also use VPN to access Italian content when outside of Italy. There are several Italian channels that you could watch, but, most importantly, you can watch Rai TV outside of Italy.

Rai TV is the national broadcasting company of Italy, and it offers 12 online channels that you can access by using a VPN. Because of regional restrictions, Rai TV is not available anywhere else but Italy. But if you connect to an Italian VPN server, you'll be able to watch it anywhere in the world!

Best VPN for Italy: Conclusion

Using a VPN for Italy is as simple as choosing one, paying for the subscription, and then installing the software. In this article, we have shown you the five best VPNs for Italy. 

You can use any of our recommendations to protect yourself and to watch geo-restricted content online. So if you want to watch British TV, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or US Netflix - a VPN is the best tool for the job!

So, go ahead and sign up for one of these VPN services today to help protect your family's online privacy! 

Written by: Ray Walsh

Digital privacy expert with 5 years experience testing and reviewing VPNs. He's been quoted in The Express, The Times, The Washington Post, The Register, CNET & many more. 


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