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How To Opt Out of USPhonebook – And Why You Should Do It

If you want to opt out of the USPhonebook service, you're in the right place. 

In this guide, we'll take you through every step.

So, whether you no longer wish to be listed in their directory or simply want to reduce your digital footprint, read on to learn how to opt out of USPhonebook and regain control of your personal information.

What is USPhonebook?

USPhoneBook is a data broker website providing users with a free reverse phone number lookup service. The USPhoneBook online directory has more than two billion records with contact details. You can look up people on USPhonebook using names, addresses, or phone numbers.

USPhoneBook is a controversial website, as it has been criticized for collecting and selling personal information without people's consent. Concerns have also been raised about the accuracy of the information on USPhoneBook.

Why should I opt out of USPhonebook?

When it comes to USPhonebook and similar services, it's important to be aware of how your personal data can be used. USPhonebook, like other people-search sites, profits by making your data available to anyone interested in purchasing it.

So, who might be interested in using this data? 

According to the USPhonebook website, one of the uses is for checking out potential dates. It also suggests using its service to investigate potential neighbors when considering a move to a new property.

On a more concerning note, the data provided by USPhonebook can be highly valuable to individuals with malicious intent, such as stalkers or those involved in harassment. USPhonebook facilitates tracking people by offering detailed maps of their residence locations and contact information for their neighbors.

If you reside in the US, we strongly recommend opting out of USPhonebook and other similar people-search sites to protect your privacy and personal information.

How to opt out of USPhonebook

To opt out of USPhonebook, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the USPhoneBook opt-out page
  2. Enter your email address and check the box to agree to the terms of service.
  3. Click the "Begin Removal Request" button.
  4. USPhoneBook will send you an email with a confirmation link.
  5. Click the confirmation link to complete your opt-out request.

It may take some time for your information to be removed from USPhonebook's database. Periodically check their website or perform a search to ensure your data is no longer available.

How to remove yourself from other people-search sites

USPhonebook is just one of the many people-search sites continually collecting and selling your information. Some of these controversial sites include:

Dealing with multiple sites individually can be time-consuming. For a more efficient and comprehensive approach to removing your personal information from sites like USPhonebook, consider using a dedicated data removal service.

These services typically charge a monthly fee to ensure your data is permanently removed from various people-search sites and major data brokers.

The best service to opt out of people-search sites

Now, let’s consider the best removal service in a little more detail.

1. Incogni
Editor's Choice | June 2024

Incogni handles the hard work of contacting data brokers to remove your data and follow up on your behalf. It's a user-friendly and cost-effective service – deserving of the top choice.

  • Pricing

    • 1 month: $12.99/mth
    • 12 months: $6.49/mth
      50% OFF
  • Pros

    • Affordable price
    • No long-term contract
    • Easy-to-use service
    • Owned by Surfshark: a trustworthy company
    • Works with data brokers in the US, Canada, EU and UK
  • Cons

    • Not available in all countries

Incogni, a subsidiary of Surfshark, offers an affordable service. You can track its progress through an online dashboard, which shows the number of removal requests made, completed, and in progress.

Incogni employs an algorithm to target data brokers most likely to have your data. It contacts various types of brokers, including people-search, risk mitigation, financial, recruitment, marketing, and health information brokers.

What sets Incogni apart is its availability in multiple countries, including the UK, EU, Switzerland, and Canada. Legal timeframes for data removal vary by location, like GDPR's 30-day compliance requirement in the EU and CCPA's 45-day stipulation in California.

Pricing includes a $5.79 per month option for annual subscriptions and a slightly higher $11.49 per month option for rolling monthly subscriptions. Once you set up an account, you just provide Incogni with the data to remove, grant permission, and await their action.

How to opt out of USPhonebook – FAQs

Written by: Conor Walsh

Conor is a tech writer with professional paranoia. He's passionate about privacy, and when not writing about it, can be found trying to get far away from his phone and any other technology, enjoying some live music, outdoorsy stuff, or a good (physical) book.


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