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VPN4All is a Seychelles-based service that has been providing virtual private network services (VPN) since 2009. They boast a ‘state-of-the-art Tier 3 secure global server network’ capable of providing virtual access to over 25 national domains. They offer three options: a limited-download (50 gb/month) plan; an unlimited plan; and a mobile (phone) plan. These are priced per month, but discounted rates are available for longer-term contracts. For an additional payment, VPN4ALL offers at-the-server malware protection. The first two packages are aimed mostly at Windows and Macintosh users, with the connection being made via OpenSSL. The mobile plan can operate with iOS, Windows and Android.

Quick Stats

  • Countries 50 pcs
  • ProPrivacy.com SpeedTest (average) 35.4 Mbps
  • Jurisdiction Seychelles
  • Simultaneous connections 1


  • 80 server locations
  • Multi-lingual app
  • Deep packet inspection protection
  • Auto-connect on startup
  • Forced and timed IP changes
  • OpenVPN
  • IPSec
  • Dynamic shared IP
  • P2P supported
  • No logs

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Speed and Performance

We tested VPN4ALL using the Irish telecom provider Eirecom’s rural broadband service, which has an advertised speed of 7mbps.

We then tested servers in several cities, Frankfurt, New York, Paris, Singapore, and Tallinn. The results were varied. In each case, the test was repeated five times to minimize exceptional spikes:

  • Frankfurt came in at 4.89 mb/s
  • New York put in the top performance of 5.91 mb/s
  • Paris managed a respectable 5.58 mb/s
  • While Singapore turned in a sluggish 2.76 mb/s
  • Tallinn brought up the rear with a modest 2.49 mb/s

Streaming Saturday Night Live from the New York server was seamlessly smooth. The only times that dropouts occurred were when e-mail send and receive operated in the background.

Pricing and Plans

Taking the most expensive package first, the VPN4ALL Unlim plan offers unlimited streaming and downloading. The monthly fee is €16.95 per month, but there are longer-term deals available: 3 months for €43.00; 6 Months for €81.00; and 12 Months for €142.00. Extra protection costs €2.49 per month and is not subject to discounts.

VPN4ALL 50 is essentially the same package, except that your monthly downloads are restricted to 50 GB. (That might, in fact, be more generous than your host broadband provider.) This costs €9.95 per month, with discounts at 3 Months (€25.00), 6 Months (€48.00) and 12 Months (€84.00). Extra protection is the same, undiscounted price of €2.49 per month.

Finally, VPN4ALL Mobile is a service for phone and tablet users, which is cheaper but more tightly limited—in this instance, to 5 GB per month. This service costs €5.95 per month (3 months €15.00; 6 months €28.00; 12 months €49.00. A combined 50+Mobile deal is available, for a 3-month payment of €30.

Privacy and Security

VPN4ALL promises a strict no-logging policy. Though they do collect minimal connection logs to track bandwidth usage, they are adamant about not collecting any usage logs whatsoever. This means that they do not in any way collect or store any information about what websites you visit or what you do online while connected to their servers. Their location in the Seychelles is also advantageous in this regard, as they are not bound by any laws that would require them to log any account data or customer information.

VPN4ALL uses shared, dynamic IPs on their network, meaning that a single IP address can be shared by hundreds or thousands of other users. This makes it virtually impossible for any entity to identify a single user on the network.

As far as encryption goes, VPN4ALL offers AES 256-bit encryption via OpenVPN and SSTP protocols.

Final thoughts

There are cheaper options in the marketplace for users whose needs are more modest, but VPN4ALL is a solid service for domestic users, and will appeal to customers who need the flexibility of multiple server sites across several nationalities. The software is easy to install and use, but it packs plenty of options for advanced networking when these are necessary.

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Written by: Pete Zaborszky

Founder of ProPrivacy.com and privacy advocate even before Edward Snowden's revelations. Computing graduate from Imperial College London. Speaker at cybersecurity conferences e.g. IPExpo and regularly speaks on tech podcasts.


on November 23, 2015
They could be hiding the fact that their operating in the USA. I found the following: http://www.dallas.com/places/vpn4all-service https://www.linkedin.com/company/vpn4all
Douglas Crawford replied to Bob
on November 23, 2015
Hi Bob, Thanks for the great detective work! This review was written by a staff member who is no longer with us (and is also rather old.) I can nowhere on its website see VPN4All lmt. claim to be based in the Netherlands (although that might just be me being blind!). However, it does make clear that it only acts as reseller for a white-label VPN service, "VPN4ALL Ltd. does not own, administer or control the VPN4ALL secure server network. The VPN4ALL secure server network is owned, administered and controlled by WebBrodcasting Ltd in Seychelles. VPN4ALL Ltd. does not develop, maintain or control the VPN4ALL VPN Software solution. The VPN4ALL VPN Software solution is developed, maintained and controlled by WebBrodcasting Ltd in Seychelles."
on February 25, 2014
On their website they mention "Dedicated Fixed IP" or "one additional static, dedicated/fixed IP" (I can't put the links here no matter what I try). I think that they are trying to confuse us by talking about the "Anchor IP" as if it were a dedicated IP.
on February 25, 2014
I'm looking for a VPN service to shop/bank online. VPN4ALL's mobile plan not only comes with an "Anchor IP" for use with Paypal and CC but also offers IPs to change from my country and a no sells tax US state, Oregon, seemed to fit well with my online shopping needs. However, the "Anchor IP" turned out not to be a dedicated IP(*) but a fixed shared IP which is "OK" as long as I can use it at shopping/banking websites, though. Also, they don't allow us to use it on my PC even via PPTP, which is NOT OK because we might not able to download digitally purchased software for PC.
Azly Jacaz
on February 2, 2014
Great article Pete! I was considering hidemyass VPN before I found VPN4All. After the whole issue on 'session-logging' with hidemyass during the LulzSec sage, VPN4All pretty much had me convinced of their policy of no data logging. Nonetheless, here's a 15% VPN4ALL Discount for your readers. Enter the following code at checkout: bestvpn4all15 Thanks!

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