5 Best Vuze VPN Services 2019 – Secure Vuze Torrenting and Setup

Vuze VPN

One of my favorite Vuze features is the ability to bind it to your VPN interface so that downloads stop if your VPN connection drops.

But I am putting the cart before the horse!

Let’s first check out our top Vuze VPN recommendations, and how to use Vuze securely for torrenting.

Is Vuze Safe?

Vuze is a granddaddy of BitTorrent clients. It is no longer open source, and it creaks somewhat under the weight of its myriad features. But who said a shedload of features is necessarily a bad thing? Most torrenters will never use all the tools available, but there is really almost nothing Torrent-related that Vuze can’t do!Is Vuze Safe

However, if you download using the Vuze torrent client, then you really should use a VPN for your own protection.

  1. NordVPN
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. CyberGhost
  4. PrivateVPN
  5. PrivateInternetAccess

Best Vuze VPN Services

1. NordVPN

NordVPN is a great all-rounder for torrenting on Vuze. With fast servers in 62 countries, a strong focus on privacy and a willingness to keep innovating in the VPN space, NordVPN easily takes the top spot in our Top for Vuze table.

NordVPN offers an industry-leading six simultaneous connections which means that everyone in the family can use the VPN without interrupting your downloads.

With clients available for all major platforms, the software looks great and works well. A three-day free trial is a nice bonus if you are looking to take it for a test drive, plus a 30-day money-back guarantee gives you plenty of time if you change your mind.

As well as permitting torrenting, NordVPN works with all major streaming services and has robust privacy policies in place to ensure you remain anonymous. A killswitch, will also protect you from leaking data to your ISP if the connection drops out while you're downloading.

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN takes a spot on our best VPN for Vuze list thanks to its blazing fast speeds and strong focus on privacy.

ExpressVPN consistently ranks as one of the fastest VPN providers in our official BestVPN Speed Test. This makes it a fantastic option for those looking to max out their torrent speeds. Strong encryption will keep your data safe, a killswitch protect your from leaking data to your ISP, and the zero logs policy means the company can’t share your personal browsing data.

3. CyberGhost

CyberGhost offers excellent value for money. And, although is it cheap, the list of features are up there with the best VPNs. No bandwidth limits (which is a must for torrenting), 5 simultaneous connections, strong encryption, a killswitch, and a watertight logging policy make this a superb VPN for Vuze.

CyberGhost has more than 2000 servers and comprehensive global coverage with decent connection speeds. The team is a major supporter and promoter of civil rights, a free society, and an uncensored internet culture. Our kind of firm!

4. PrivateVPN

PrivateVPN is a zero-logs provider from Sweden with 80+ servers in 52 countries. It features a firewall-based system Kill Switch and application-level kill switch, which is great for those that leave plan to leave Vuze downloading for days and weeks at a time. Full IPv4 and IPv6 DNS leak protection is also built-in to its client.

We have been particularly impressed by PrivateVPN’s high level of customer service. An outstanding 6 simultaneous devices is permitted, port forwarding, HTTPS and SOCKS5 proxies all lend themselves to torrenting, making PrivateVPN a truly outstanding choice for torrenting.

5. PrivateInternetAccess

PIA is based in the US. However, it keeps no logs, which is a claim that it has proven in a court of law! Security with PIA is strong and users get a lot of options. Its desktop software is fully featured with a VPN kill switch, DNS leak protection, and port forwarding. All perfect for people who use Vuze.

Up to 5 simultaneous connections are permitted and the VPN provides outstanding connection speeds. P2P is permitted on all servers located in 29 countries around the globe, and, unlike many VPNs, PIA allows torrenting on its US servers (a testament to its zero-logs policy!)

Vuze Torrenting

Vuze TorrentingVuze torrenting uses the BitTorrent protocol to “download” files.

Instead of being stored on a centralized server from which you download, torrented files are shared among many other BitTorrent users. Popular files can easily be shared among hundreds of users in this way.

So when you “download” a torrent file, you are really sharing pieces of that file with anyone else also downloading or sharing the file. A potentially nasty side-effect of this is that all these “peers” can see your IP address (and you can see theirs).

Here in Vuze, I can easily see the IP addresses of everyone else who is sharing the same file as me!
Thankfully, using a VPN will protect you from this.

Protect Your Privacy

Using a VPN creates an encrypted connection between your computer and a VPN server run by a VPN provider. This VPN server then acts as a proxy, sitting between you and the internet.

For a full discussion on the benefits it provides, check out my VPNs for Beginners guide. With P2P, however, the key points are:

  • Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) cannot see what you get up to on the internet, as all data that passes between your computer and the VPN server is encrypted. It means that your ISP cannot see that you are torrenting, or indeed, what you are torrenting.
  • Anyone watching from the internet (such as other torrenters) will see the IP address of the VPN server, not your real IP address. In other words, using a VPN hides your real IP address.

For further discussion on general issues relating to VPNs and torrenting, please check out our favorite best VPN for Torrenting guide.

How to Use Vuze

How to Use VuzeVuze costs nothing to download

, and the free version offers all the features you will likely ever need from a torrent client, although it does display some ads.

A premium version is also available for USD 29.90 per year (at time of writing this is discounted to $9.90 per year). It removes the ads and provides built-in anti-virus scanning, a DVD burner, and “play now” support (similar to Popcorn Time, See our popcorn time VPN guide for more). It is, admittedly, pretty funky!

Note that when first installing Vuze you should take care to read the setup blurb because by default Vuze will install a number of browser add-ons and other stuff from its partners that you probably don’t want. As long as you pay attention, however, you can opt out all the crapware.

Although it offers a ridiculous number of features, at heart Vuze is a traditional BitTorrent client and will, therefore, be familiar to anyone who has ever torrented before. If you have never downloaded using the BitTorrent protocol, here is a quick rundown of how it works:

  1. Download and install Vuze.
  2. Ensure you have a VPN running (this is optional but strongly recommended).
  3. Visit a BitTorrent website. These websites host links to torrent files and magnet links. You can browse for content that interests you, or search for something specific. Many websites include user-reviews of torrents, which can help you pick good ones. If your ISP blocks torrent sites, by using a VPN for torrenting you can unblock services like pirate bay.
  4. When you have found the content you want, simply click on its torrent link or magnet link. The torrent will open in your BitTorrent client and begin downloading.
  5. When the download is 100% completed, enjoy!

Unlike the desktop client, the excellent Android app is lightweight and ad-free. A pro version is now available via in-app purchase (about $4), but I have been unable to determine what features this adds (and am too skinflint to shell out the money to find out!).

The mobile version of Vuze works in exactly the same way as the desktop versions.


BitTorrent is a decentralized file-sharing platform. For it to work, users share files with other users. This happens while you download a file, but it is considered good form to leave your BitTorrent client open after you have finished downloading a file to benefit other users.

It is known as seeding, and it is considered proper netiquette to seed to a ratio of at least1:1 (that is, upload for other users the same amount of data as you download).

Vuze clearly displays the seed ratio of downloaded files. Note that ProPrivacy.com does not condone copyright infringement. The legal torrents shown above downloaded from Public Domain Torrents.

Vuze VPN Setup

To protect yourself with a VPN when using Vuze you just need to run the VPN software before and during your Vuze session.Vuze VPN Setup

There is always a danger, however, that the VPN will disconnect in the middle of a download session. This occasionally happens with even the best VPN services. If you have left your computer unattended while downloading, this can result in your real IP address being exposed for perhaps hours at a time.

Fortunately, there are a couple of solutions to this problem…

Use a VPN Kill Switch

More and more VPN providers now offer a VPN kill switch with their custom software. These either monitor your internet connection and shut it down when they detect a VPN dropout or use firewall rules to prevent any internet traffic from leaving your computer outside of your VPN connection.

The second kind of kill switch is more secure and also doubles as DNS leak protection. But any kill switch is better than none.

I have not yet seen a custom mobile app that features a kill switch per se., but the OpenVPN for Android app can be set up to work as a kill switch.

For more information on all of the above, please see here.

Bind Vuze to Your VPN Interface (Windows, macOS, and Linux)

One of the best features of Vuze is that you can you can bind it to your VPN interface. It prevents Vuze from downloading or uploading anything outside your VPN connection. It means that if your VPN connection drops (or you forget to turn it on), you will stay safe.

  1. Make sure that your VPN connection is active, then in Vuze go to Tools -> Options -> Mode and select ‘Advanced’ under ‘User Proficiency.’
  2. Then go to Connection -> Advanced Network Settings and look through the list for your VPN connection. In Windows these are:
    1. PPTP, L2TP or IKEv2 – WAN Miniport
    2. OpenVPN – TAP-Windows-Adapter V9
    3. My OpenVPN connection in Windows is using the eth6 interface. Make a note of the interface name.
    4. On Macs, the VPN interface name is always called utun1, while in Linux it is tun0.
  3. Go to the top of the list and enter the interface name in the “Bind to local IP address or interface” dialog box.
  4. Head down to the bottom of the list and check “Enforce IP bindings even when interfaces are not available…”
  5. Click Save and exit Options.

A little routing icon at the bottom of the Vuze client should now show green to let you know everything is working correctly.

If you disconnect from your VPN, the icon will turn red, and all torrent downloads will come to a stop.

Vuze With VPN: Conclusion

Although no longer the only BitTorrent client that can be bound to the VPN interface (qBitTorrent does this too), this feature means that Vuze is still one of the best BitTorrent clients for VPN users around. And as I have discussed, if you are a BitTorrent user but not a VPN user, you’re quite frankly mad!

Written by: Douglas Crawford

Has worked for almost six years as senior staff writer and resident tech and VPN industry expert at ProPrivacy.com. Widely quoted on issues relating cybersecurity and digital privacy in the UK national press (The Independent & Daily Mail Online) and international technology publications such as Ars Technica.


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