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The Best New Christmas Movies on Netflix in 2024

With Christmas looming, it's time for the big streaming services to fill up with all manner of festive-themed TV and movies. Netflix already has quite a track record here, having brought us films and shows like The Christmas Chronicles, Klaus, and Merry Happy Whatever in Christmases gone by. So, what new things do they have in store for 2024? Let's take a look!


Love Hard

A woman in L.A. falls for a guy all the way over on the East coast. Flying out to surprise him for the holidays, she discovers he's not who he claims to be, and, in fact, the man she's been talking to... is his best friend just pretending to be him.

Single All the Way

Peter is tired of his family judging him for always being single, so he asks his best friend Nick to come along with him for the holidays and pretend to be his partner. I'm sure nothing will go wrong, and this won't become awkward at all.

Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas

What's that Shaun? Timmy's gone missing during an expedition to find more stockings for the flock? And, if you don't rescue him, he might end up being given as a present to some other family? Oh no! Will Shaun be able to save Timmy from this terrible fate? Probably. It is Christmas, after all.

Robin Robin

Aardman Animations and Netflix bring us a new stop motion Christmas tale of a bird raised by mice who realizes that, despite trying to be the best mouse she can be, she might need to find out who she truly is and where she really belongs.

David and the Elves

David is sad because his parents have moved to the big city and forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. Here he meets Albert, an Elf who has left the land of Santa Claus, who needs his help to discover where the magic of Christmas truly comes from.

The Claus Family

A young boy discovers that his grandfather is actually Santa Claus, which is a problem as he's not really a fan of Christmas. It becomes an even bigger problem when his grandfather needs his help to save Christmas!

A Christmas Star

Born on Christmas Day, Noelle (we see what you did there) has a special gift – she can make people stop fighting. Can she use her special gift to thwart the plans of an evil property developer and save her village? Probably.

An Elf's Story: The Elf on the Shelf

One of Santa's elf scouts, Chippy, who helps him determine who goes on the naughty and nice lists, loses his Christmas magic when a nine-year-old boy called Taylor breaks the Number One Elf-on-the-Shelf rule. Can Chippy restore Taylor's belief in Christmas before it's too late? We surely hope so!

My Dad's Christmas Date

A teen decides that she needs to take matters into her own hands and set her widower dad up with a date for Christmas. So, she comes up with an idea to set up profiles for him on multiple dating sites. Shenanigans ensue!

The Princess Switch 3 – Romancing the Star

The third in the Princess Switch series of movies mixes things up by adding another identical character into the mix in the shape of flamboyant cousin Fiona, who must help Margaret and Stacy recover a priceless relic.

A Castle for Christmas

Inconceivable! This festive flick tells the story of author Sophie Brook, who is out to try and buy a castle. A totally common thing to do. However, she finds that the owner is reluctant to sell, and the two end up butting heads more than finding common ground.

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Written by: Shaun Dewhirst

Shaun is a former IT Support Engineer who got tired of asking people if they'd tried turning it off and on again. After a few years working in that strange and nebulous industry known as "The Blockchain" he escaped a maximum security stockade to the Hertfordshire Underground. Today he survives as a reviewer of good coffee, bad movies and as a technical writer right here at ProPrivacy.


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