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The Best Christmas Movies on Amazon Prime in December 2023 & How to Unblock them

With Christmas looming, it's time for the big streaming services to fill up with all manner of festive-themed TV shows and movies. What new things does Amazon have in store for those eager for new festive treats in 2023? Not as many as we might have hoped, but if nothing new takes your fancy, there's still plenty of classic Christmas movies on offer as well!

In this guide, I'll run you through the latest and greatest films arriving on Amazon Prime Video this year, and tell you how to watch them from anywhere in the world!


New Christmas Movies on Amazon Video

Below we have listed Christmas movies that are new to amazon prime users.

Joy for Christmas (Release Date TBA)

With a Christmas toy drive facing trouble, Holly must convince pro athlete Jack to be the public face of the campaign to help save it. At the same time, she helps Jack rediscover the meaning of Christmas and reconnects with her own family traditions.

The Fight Before Christmas (Release Date TBA)

Emma's father and her high school frenemy start dating and, when her father insists they spend the holidays together, Emma embarks on a mission to break up the happy couple – because letting go of past hurts is for quitters.

Boxing Day (Release Date TBA)

Melvin, a British author living in America, returns home to London for Christmas to introduce his fiancée Lisa to his family. Their relationship is put to the test as she discovers the world her fiancé has left behind.

Mistletoe Mixup (Release Date TBA)

A story about a workaholic woman who makes a Christmas wish that goes awry when answered by not just one, but two, different men who turn out to be brothers. This sets the stage for a fraternal fracas as the brothers fight to win her affections.

Christmas classics on Amazon Video

Here's a list of the best classic Christmas movies on Amazon Prime Video in 2023.

Scrooge (Free in UK only)

There are so many adaptations of this classic Dickens Christmas tale in movies, TV and theater. This is the musical version from 1970, with Albert Finney in the lead role of the miserly moneylender Ebeneezer Scrooge. It tells the story of Scrooge's unwilling redemption by the three spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Future.

Christmas With the Kranks (Free in UK only)

Luther and Nora Krank decide to skip the festive season when their daughter, Blair, heads out to Peru with the Peace Corps. Now, they're determined to spend their money on a Caribbean cruise, much to the horror of their Christmas loving friends and neighbors. Their plans are ruined at the last moment when Blair decides she wants to come home for Christmas after all.

The Holiday (Free in UK only)

Unlucky in love, London based writer Iris Simpkins swaps her cottage for the mansion owned by movie-trailer maker Amanda Woods, who has just split with her boyfriend Ethan and wants to forget him. Far away from where they normally call home, perhaps they will find someone new?

Jingle All the Way (Free in US only)

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a harassed salesman and father who, after missing his son's karate exhibition, must make it up to him by obtaining an action figure of TV hero Turbo Man. The only problem is that everyone else wants one of these toys as well and they're sold out everywhere, resulting in a madcap adventure as he tries to get one before time runs out.

Love Actually (Free in UK only)

Love really is all around in this rom-com. Love Actually follows the lives of eight different couples in a series of loosely interconnected stories, all set during the run-up to Christmas in London. Some of them are falling in love, others are falling out of love. Some are with the right people, some are with the wrong people, and by the end, some of them will even get naked. A classic for Hugh Grant and Martin Freeman fans.

Rare Exports (Free in UK only)

It's Christmas Eve in Finland and Santa Claus, frozen in a block of ice, has just been unearthed by an archaeological dig. Soon after this discovery, local children start disappearing, leading a boy and his father to steal Santa to sell him back to the company that sponsored the dig. A gloriously macabre take on the festive season that shows you exactly why you should never swear around an elf.

How to Unblock Christmas Movies on Amazon Prime

Compared to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video seems to be the less appealing option when it comes to Christmas films. While it has access to many of the classics like Scrooged, Elf, and The Santa Clause, these are paywalled behind subscriptions to other channels, like Starz, or require a rental or purchase from Amazon rather than being included in the Prime Video subscription. All the films on this list require no further payment, though a substantial number of them are only available to watch free on the UK site, rather than the US one, so this is where a VPN will be your ticket to Christmas cheer.

Here are our top recommendations for VPNs for unblocking Amazon Prime Video this Christmas:

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A cheap provider that offers excellent value for money, and dedicated streaming servers.

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The best cheap VPN for beginners. It offers a simple one-click connect function and SmartDNS technology.

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Using one of the above provides means you can unlock the UK Amazon Prime Video site from wherever in the world you are. By connecting to a VPN, you can hide your current location and instead appear to be coming from a different country altogether, letting you access all the Christmas movies you could ask for.

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Written by: Shaun Dewhirst

Shaun is a former IT Support Engineer who got tired of asking people if they'd tried turning it off and on again. After a few years working in that strange and nebulous industry known as "The Blockchain" he escaped a maximum security stockade to the Hertfordshire Underground. Today he survives as a reviewer of good coffee, bad movies and as a technical writer right here at ProPrivacy.


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