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SwitchVPN is a VPN service that claims to provide 145+ high speed servers in 35 different global locations. In addition, SwitchVPN also boasts of affordable prices, unlimited bandwidth, and a variety of different encryption protocols.

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Price Plan

SwitchVPN offers two different subscription options. Although the company offered more choices in the past, the two choices left are still fairly priced:

  • 12 months VPN - $79.95 ($6.66/m)
  • 1 month VPN - $9.95

The two subscription options include all SwitchVPN features and a full 30-day-money-back guarantee. In addition to that, SwitchVPN also offers one-day free trial. While this is not ideal in terms of testing reliability, you can at least test out the VPN’s performance.

The once-day free trial is also a bit difficult to find. At ProPrivacy.com, we aim to make things a little easier on you - try out SwitchVPN for 1 day.

Furthermore, SwitchVPN also offers a variety of payment options, including most credit cards, PayPal and Bitcoin.

SwitchVPN Features

SwitchVPN claims to be built on a network of 145+ high speed servers in 35 different global locations. The server locations range from North and South America to Europe and Asia/Pacific. In addition, SwitchVPN boasts of high security DNS technology that reaches as far as China.

SwitchVPN also claims to offer multi-gigabit speeds that are ideal for gaming and streaming, along with the ability to connect five devices simultaneously. Even better, the service offers free access to all VPN protocols and unlimited bandwidth.

Combine all of the above with SwitchVPN’s claim to unblock geo-restricted content from anywhere in the world and you’ve got yourself something that sounds like a pretty good VPN provider.

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SwitchVPN Customer Support

SwitchVPN’s customer support is excellent. To start, a multitude of detailed setup guides are offered right off the homepage. Moving forward, SwitchVPN offers 24/7/365 support in a variety of different ways, including live chat that can be accessed without registering.

When testing out response time, I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the live chat customer support rep replied to me – roughly one to two minutes. Furthermore, the information they supplied me was extremely useful and answered most of my questions (if not all of them).

After the live chat customer support comes SwitchVPN’s information bank. This contains troubleshooting guides, legal information, and a detailed FAQ. Finally, in addition to the live chat and the information bank, SwitchVPN also offers a ticket-based customer support option.

SwitchVPN Privacy & Security

SwitchVPN offers a variety of encryption options; including up to 256-bit encryption for the OpenVPN protocol. The default for OpenVPN is 128-bit Blowfish for datastream encryption and RSA-1024 (with a 2048-bit static key) for handshaking.

In addition to OpenVPN, SwitchVPN’s custom client also offers L2TP/IPsec. Furthermore, if you happen to be located in China, you also have access to SSTP – a protocol that is ideal for countries blocking VPN technology.

Moving on, SwitchVPN also offers a virtual firewall and internal DNS system. In the recent years, SwitchVPN has also incorporated their company in the United States. This means they are no longer subject to India's complex blend of laws and regulations.

Instead, SwitchVPN officially offers a VPN that stores absolutely no logs - not connection, not bandwidth, nothing! This is extremely ideal; making SwitchVPN a fantastic choice for a VPN provider. In addition, SwitchVPN also offers P2P support.

SwitchVPN Website

While the SwitchVPN website is visually attractive and easy enough to navigate, we do prefer their older, sleeker version. Pushing that aside, the SwitchVPN homepage displays the company's overall goal of “keeping the internet free” right off the bat. Underneath, you can click on “Learn more” or “Try SwitchVPN.”

Scrolling down, you can view pricing options and information on the overall service. At the bottom of the page, a multitude of links is available. They include a link to check your IP address, as well as links to the official and regularly updated SwitchVPN blog and their social media profiles.

Our only complaint with the SwitchVPN website is how difficult it is to find their one-day free trial. While you can easily find it by Googling, it would be helpful if they advertised it more freely on their website.

Using SwitchVPN on Windows OS

Registering for SwitchVPN’s free one-day trial account is fairly simple. After clicking on the free trial link, you enter your email and password. An activation link containing a giant Confirm Account button is sent to the email address you supply. After clicking on the button, you are directed to a page containing your trial account username and password. 

As for registering after your trial expires, SwitchVPN is very anonymous; requiring only your email (and password). If you wish, you can also provide your name, country, and company name. After registration, SwitchVPN sends you an email with login details and helpful tips on getting started with their service.

Using SwitchVPN

After landing on SwitchVPN’s trial account page, you can begin the very easy setup for the SwitchVPN Windows client.

  1. Download & install the SwitchVPN Windows client
  2. The SwitchVPN interface pops up
  3. Enter the username & password from your trial account page
  4. Hit Login 
  5. SwitchVPN will display your current IP
  6. Hit the giant power button 
  7. Your Current IP will reflect the change
  8. Use SwitchVPN to browse securely!

Overall, the custom SwitchVPN Windows client is user-friendly and attractive to the eye. There are a few different configuration settings, including different protocol options. At ProPrivacy.com, we strongly recommend using OpenVPN.

Other useful SwitchVPN options worth mentioning include a kill switch, auto-reconnect feature, and site-exception list.

SwitchVPN Performance (Speed/Leaks Test)

In past testing, SwitchVPN’s download/upload speeds have proven to be fast and reliable (see picture above). In my own recent testing, I was happy to see SwitchVPN keeping up with their high speeds and reliability.

Using the recommended US server during connection, my SwitchVPN’s download speed came in at 33.90 Mbps. Upload was also impressive at 5.53 Mbps. Fortunately, that speed stayed true during streaming, downloading and browsing.

As for leak testing, I was also happy to see that no leaks were present. To test your own SwitchVPN for leaks, visit websites like ipleak.net, test-ipv6.com, and/or our leak testing tool.

SwitchVPN Device Availability

SwitchVPN is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android users.

SwitchVPN for iOS 

The SwitchVPN app for iOS is almost identical to the Windows app in both appearance and use. To use the iOS app with your trial account, download the app and enter your trial login and password. To connect to a server, select a location.

Your phone will ask for your permission to add a VPN configuration – all you have to do is hit yes and then select the giant power button. Bam! You’re ready to go!

SwitchVPN Review: Conclusion

We liked 

  • Multiple protocols offered
  • Large variety of setup guides
  • High speeds
  • Wide range of server options
  • No stored logs

We weren’t so sure about

  • Updated website is disappointing compared to the old one

We hated

  • Nothing

SwitchVPN is a great VPN option with a wide variety of servers and reliable, fast speeds. Furthermore, customer support is excellent and security protocols are good. Aside from their messy updated website, SwitchVPN is definitely worth checking out and definitely affordable enough. If you decide to try out SwitchVPN, be sure to leave your user experience in the comment section below!

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Written by: Thomas Ujj

Thomas is an experienced technology writer with a passion for digital privacy and politics.


Quick Brown Fox
on January 25, 2019
The service worked reasonably well when it was based in India. After it moved to the USA, some servers stopped working, and eventually the service failed completely, even though the subscription was still active. When it expired, I chose not to renew.
Daniella Rivas
on October 11, 2017
I love to use this VPN, everything works as intended. It lets me access all blocked sites as I travel in different places or I’m in a different parts of the world with a very good speed. Their customer service was also excellent; when I needed some help with the app not working they were very responsive into it.
on September 13, 2017
This is the best VPN that I've ever used. The connections are really fast, stable & I really didn't experience any lags. Happy & satisfied customer.
Elaine Jones
on August 25, 2017
I really find this VPN so perfect. The software is very simple to use on my PC and even mobile. Speeds are great.- it will boost your internet speed, keeps zero logs, it will prevent net criminals such as hackers from stealing your passwords & from knowing your personal information in your account, use public wi-fi with high-security. It’s recommend for anyone who wants a secure network. It's really great than other VPN I used before. Absolutely, no complaints!

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