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Summary LibertyVPN is a small company based in the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean with representatives in Europe and Central America. Improvements could be made but they provide a well rounded service.

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Simultaneous connections
Server locations
Marshall Islands (owned by US company)
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  • 9 server locations
  • Based in the Marshall Islands
  • 3-day money back guarantee
  • Unlimited data
  • OpenVPN
  • PPTP
  • L2TP
  • SSTP

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Speed and Performance

The IP tests were all fine, and the DNS test came back clear and indicating that they use OpenDNS - even though this is proprietary it is a lot more stable then OpenNic. For the speed tests, we have now started usingTestMy.Net instead of the old as it provides much better real-world results. Our base download speeds when not connected to the VPN for these tests was 23.6Mbps. Through the PPTP connection, our speeds dropped to 8.3Mbps, and through OpenVPN to 4.8Mbps. The speed tests were a little lower than we wish but were stable and adequate for everyday use, including streaming.

Pricing and Plans

As with basically every other VPN provider, LibertyVPN provides one set plan with increased discounts provided for longer period contracts. The pricing structure they offer is as follows:

  • Monthly: $14.99/month
  • Three Month: $12.66/month
  • Six Month: $11.33/month
  • Yearly: $8.99/month

All of their prices are above the average and even though they promise a 100% money-back guarantee if a) within first 3 days and b) less than 50MB bandwidth used, though they are more lenient on the second point as long as it's clear that you aren't trying to abuse the system.

Privacy and Security

They support PPTP, L2TP, SSTP and OpenVPN connections. Though they only use 128bit encryption for all, it is adequate for the general person. Unfortunately, with the OpenVPN connection you can only use it for their UK servers which is a huge letdown, though they say US in the works.

The disappointments keep coming in the security areas: they say they do not keep logs on their homepage but we have found out they do and it's easy to trace back to you, PPP has to be disabled when connecting from an Android device and they do comply with DMCA requests.

In most cases, they do use shared IPs and on request can provide dedicated IPs.

Final thoughts

Overall LibertyVPN can't compete with the big dogs out there but as a small company they provide a good service with great support so they are worth a consideration.

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Written by: Peter Selmeczy

Peter is a full-time tech enthusiast and gadget geek. When not working, you'll find him playing with Lego or tinkering away on an RPi.


on April 10, 2017
Use it watch iplayer in Cyprus, work well so far no complaints!
on September 5, 2016
Connecting to friends and family overseas I live and teach English in China, and without this VPN there's NO way that I would be able to communicate with anyone (easily) back in Canada. I use it to get on Facebook and Twitter so I can keep up with my family back home. I use it to connect to my blog (because wordpress is also blocked here) and just overall keep it on so that I feel protected when browsing online. I also hire the teachers to work at my school and one of the first things I do when a new teacher gets here is to sign them up on Liberty VPN. So fast and simple it's great. Love them!
on August 24, 2016
Fast network speeds, fantastic support and very reliable. I highly recommend LibertyVPN to anyone and it's well worth the money!
on September 8, 2015
Home and business use Superb customer service coupled with outstanding backup from support staff. Easy to use and highly recommended.

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