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12 Days of Christmas VPN Promotion and Giveaway

UPDATE: This competition is over. All winners have been announced and contacted. Thank you for participating!

This holiday season, is getting into the Christmas spirit by hosting a 12 days of Christmas VPN promotion. Visit this page every day from 25 December until 5 January to uncover a new discount, promo code, or giveaway!

Our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway... And How to Enter!

For years, has hosted an assortment of seasonal giveaways, offering our customers the chance to take advantage of great VPN discounts and enter for a chance to win fabulous prizes that range from everything to lifetime subscriptions to highly-rated VPN services to top-of-the-line hardware.

To celebrate the holiday season and ring in New Year on a high note, this year we decided to launch a Christmas promotion that lasts a whopping 12 days, with a new exclusive deal or giveaway every single day!

If the day in question features a giveaway, all you have to do is enter via any (or all) of the options in the widget that'll be displayed. Entry options range from visiting our Facebook page, to telling a friend about our competition, to tweeting about us. Time will be of the essence, so make sure to enter before the 24-hour giveaway closes!

What About Claiming Discounts?

If there is no giveaway featured, but instead a discount for subscriptions to a great VPN provider, all you need to do is click any of the designated links on this page or enter the given promo code. It's as simple as that!

Yesterday's Winners

12th day of Christmas

Due to popular demand, here is a repeat showing of the winners of the 5th Day of Christmas:

5th Day of Christmas

The Offers so Far...

You may have missed out on some prizes or discounts, but there are still plenty that are still up for grabs - for a limited time only, that is. We've compiled our list of past Christmas 2017 VPN offers here so that you can take advantage of the ones that are still active.

While some of these offers may already be over, that doesn't mean there aren't more great deals and prizes on the way, so make sure to check back every day until the promotion ends on 5 January.

1st Day - 10 free annual subscriptions to ExpressVPN
2nd Day - 70% off annual subscriptions to b.VPN (discount valid until 5 January)
3rd Day - 10 free annual subscriptions to NordVPN
4th Day - 25 free annual subscriptions to IPVanish and 2-year subscriptions for only $3.33 a month (discount valid until 1 January)
5th Day - An Apple TV and 5 lifetime subscriptions to CyberGhost and 3-year subscriptions for 77% off or $2.75 a month (discount valid until 7 January)
6th Day - 50% off all subscriptions and add-ons to TorGuard and a free mini VPN router with every 2-year subscription (discount valid until 5 January, use promo code "BESTVPN" at checkout)
7th Day - 10 free annual subscriptions to VyprVPN and 25% off annual plans (discount valid until 5 January)
8th Day - PS4 from ibVPN plus 78% off 3-year standard plans (discount valid until 8 January)
9th Day - 5 free annual subscriptions to SaferVPN and 55% off 1-year plans and 75% off 2-year plans (discount valid until 5 January)
10th Day - 5 free annual subscriptions to Buffered
11th Day - 2-year subscriptions to LeVPN for $69.60 (discount valid until 8 January)
12th Day - An iPad Pro and 65% off annual subscriptions to Hotspot Shield (discount valid until 6 January)

More Information

For more information about our promotions, please check out our terms and conditions.

At, Christmas doesn't last one day, but 12. Take advantage of great seasonal discounts and enter giveaways to win great prizes this holiday season!

Written by: Ray Walsh

Digital privacy expert with 5 years experience testing and reviewing VPNs. He's been quoted in The Express, The Times, The Washington Post, The Register, CNET & many more. 


on January 19, 2018
After all - it was a fake giveaway. They promise annual subscription, but still nothing. Liars.
Mike replied to Mike
on February 16, 2018
I win in IPVanish giveaway (Mike Ser). No letters from IPVanish I receive. Wrote you few letters, you not response.
Douglas Crawford replied to Mike
on February 19, 2018
Hi Mike, I apologize for the issues you are having claiming your prize. The situation has not been helped by the fact that Katrina has now left us. I can confirm that our records show you did indeed win, so we have emailed IPVanish to find out what is happening on their end. Thank you for your patience, and don't worry - we will clear this up.
Mike replied to Mike
on February 26, 2018
Thanks, hope this help. BTW no emails from IPVanish at this moment (and yes, I'm always check spam/trash folders in situations like this).
Douglas Crawford replied to Mike
on February 26, 2018
Hi Mike, Sorry about all this. I asked have asked Katrina's replacement, Daisy, to look into the issue, but she is away for a couple of days. I'll chase her up about it as soon as she is back.
Katrina Power replied to Mike
on January 23, 2018
Hi Mike, We have been communicating with our VPN provider partners since the promotion first launched to ensure that prizes were mailed out and subscriptions created in a timely manner. Could you please let us know which specific provider or day that you are talking about? To the best of our knowledge, all annual subscriptions were created a while ago, closer to the end of the 12-day promotion. If there has been some sort of delay and you are a winner, please let us know and we'll get in touch with the provider you're referring to.
Katrina Power
on January 9, 2018
Hi Mike, Due to popular demand I re-added the Cyberghost widget. You can clearly see the winners displayed. All winners have already been contacted. To be fair, we chose the first winner drawn as the winner of the Apple TV.
Smith Adamson
on January 7, 2018
Hi, Is the 12th-day winners already announced? Best Reagard.
Katrina Power replied to Smith Adamson
on January 8, 2018
Hi Smith, Yes, please see the widget.
on January 6, 2018
Ilovely giveaway

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