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Does your partner spy on you? A study on relationships and trust in the digital age

This year in the lead up to Valentine’s Day surveyed 1,000 people around the world to understand what impact modern technology was having on their relationships.

Technology has become intrinsically woven into our social fabric, it is used to meet new friends and stay in touch with old ones. It’s embedded in every aspect of our professional and personal lives from work to romance. Social Media now plays such a big part role in our romantic lives that tagging yourself as in a relationship on Facebook is seen as a marker of commitment.

The convenience of modern technology has a darker side though, particularly when it comes to the cornerstone of all healthy relationships, trust.

How many of us have used digital technology to keep tabs on our partners, checking their phone when they are out of the room, or stumbled across suspicious uncleared browser history?

If you suspect a partner of cheating, technology is often the first port of call, nearly 30% of respondents admitted to using tracking apps to catch a partner out. After all, over a quarter of those caught cheating were busted by modern technology.

It’s perhaps no surprise then that 85% of those caught out in the past now take additional steps to protect their privacy, including deleting their browsing data or using a private browsing mode.

Valentines day survey results

Written by: Jo O'Reilly

Jo O’Reilly is the Deputy Editor at An NCTJ trained journalist, she graduated from the University of London with a 2:1 in Journalism and Media. Her dissertation focused on how women used Social Media to report on the Arab Spring. A former entertainment columnist, she has written news and features for a number of national newspapers, as well as completing a stint in international publishing. When not moving commas about Jo can be found binge watching cookery shows on Netflix.


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