Editorial Code

The preservation of the integrity and success of 4Choice’s core websites – primarily as a long-standing authority in the Virtual Private Network (VPN) space – is paramount to 4Choice Limited. This code is designed to protect and uphold the editorial independence and standards of and thus maintain the credibility and trust needed to best serve the VPN providers who are listed on it and ultimately ensure readers are able to find the right product for their individual needs. will not at any time recommend VPN providers who offer a bad product to customers whether affiliations with such a company are in place and/or whether higher commissions are offered. The satisfaction and happiness of our readers, based on our recommendations, is our number one priority. The obligations of this code ultimately sit with the Managing Director of 4Choice Limited who is therefore fully responsible for ensuring that shall be operated in accordance with it.

Declaration of Affiliations

  1. receives commissions from many VPN providers listed, but not all of them. The amount of commission varies from provider to provider.
  2. On 1st March 2017, 4Choice Limited acquired a majority stake in Buffered Limited as they seek to further stamp their authority in the Virtual Private Network (VPN) space.
  3. Other websites within the 4Choice Limited portfolio include,,,, and (collectively the “core websites”). These are listed on the 4Choice website.

Code of Conduct

  1. 4Choice editorial decisions shall be made independent from the commercial objectives of any affiliated companies.
  2. 4Choice Limited and Buffered Limited shall continue to operate as separate businesses run by separate teams in separate offices.
  3.’s vision shall continue to be “fighting for people’s privacy and freedom to use the internet when, where and how they wish” ( Vision).
  4.'s Managing Director shall control all editorial and commercial decisions made in relation to and its editorial and commercial strategy.
  5.'s Managing Director shall determine any content on the website and in any email, printed publications, and reports.
  6.’s Managing Director shall ensure editorial and commercial decisions, website content and design and all products, services, mobile applications and tools provided by the website (collectively " Content") are consistent with the Vision.
  7. (and authorised spokespersons) may comment freely on all issues consistent with the website's role as a consumer Virtual Private Network website, regardless of whether such views differ from those of Buffered Limited. Such comments shall be made in an objective manner consistent with the Vision.
  8. (and authorised spokespersons) shall be permitted to comment freely about the products and services available through Such comments shall be made in an objective manner consistent with the Vision.
  9. Content shall continue to be researched, written and approved by the Editorial Team according to journalistic methods and in an objective manner in order to identify the best possible products and services that considers to be the preferred option for users consistent with the Vision.
  10. Products and services provided by Buffered Limited shall be assessed using the same methods as those of any other third-party provider and, like any other third party, shall only be included on where those products and services are the preferred options for users.
  11. Content and the brand may only be used on Buffered Limited’s media platforms with the express permission of (acting reasonably). If such permission is granted, the following provisos shall apply:
    • when's opinions on products or services are used, a one-click link path shall exist to the full information on about those products or services; and
    • if deemed appropriate by, any applicable caveats shall appear directly within the copy on Buffered Limited’s media; and
    • Content and brand shall be used in the same context as in the original copy on; and
    • the amount of Content used shall be determined by
  12. Any personal data about individual users, including contact details (as opposed to aggregated or anonymised user behaviour data), gathered while operating shall not be tracked or otherwise used by Buffered Limited (except for general reporting, accounting or compliance purposes as occurs with other third-party providers for operational purposes) unless in accordance with the informed consent of the relevant user.
  13. If sends users directly to Buffered Limited websites, or the user visits Buffered Limited websites independently, they shall be subject to Buffered Limited data protection policies.
  14. Any personal data about individual users, including contact details, gathered while operating shall not be sold to third parties or used for the purposes of unsolicited communications from any third party including those associated to Buffered Limited.
  15. This Editorial Code shall be carried out and applied in a manner consistent with the practice, activities, ethos and operation of during the 12-month period prior to 1st March 2017.